Do you know the interactive PDF?

How do you make a layout or a graphic design project more interactive, lively and better suited for onscreen consumption there are several alternatives, and one of those options is interactive pdf. Simple, flexible, affordable and universal, this solution deserves to be used more often for a better user experience. What is an interactive pdf the pdf as we know it was popularized in the 90s. Developed by adobe, it has become a universal file format that several other software can display. Despite its appearance identical to its origin, several unknown improvements have been made to this standard in recent years. Here are some possibilities. Buttons and hyperlinks the first possibility is the creation of buttons and hyperlinks.


The real power of these fields.

Although many software programs automatically detect e-commerce photo editing email addresses and websites, it is possible to define your own destinations. This practice also ensures better compatibility rather than relying on automatic url detection. These links can point to a web page, social media, an email address or even files to download. It is also possible to point to another section of our document to make it a truly interactive layout. Whether in the form of an index, crossreferences or even a menu, you can create navigation comparable to a website, within the same file the clickable table of contents and a back to this page button are also good examples of navigation optimized for onscreen viewing.

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Why make an interactive PDF?

So why not make a navigation menu in the CXB Directory header of each of your pages the consumer could therefore easily move from one section of your document to another. These buttons and hyperlinks dont have to be text only. Your graphic designer can create icons, tiles, arrows and images that will allow this navigation. These buttons can also have their appearance changed when clicked or hovered over, just like on a website. It is also possible to create invisible buttons on an image to allow navigation according to the selected location. Whether on an interactive map, a user manual or an educational book, the user will be automatically redirected to the correct page based on their selection despite their apparent simplicity, adding buttons and hyperlinks to a pdf can greatly improve the user experience.

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