Discover Art Deco Design: Everything You Need to Movement

It began as a celebration. In 1925, the same decade that gave us The Great Gatsby, the affordable car. The first film with sound, the term “graphic design” and (most importantly). A little cocktail known as the mimosa. The Parisian art community gathered together for an influential exhibition of art. Art deco inspired poster design A fantastic Art Deco Italy WhatsApp Number List inspired poster design by hadynoody On display was everything from metalwork pieces to fully designed rooms. All in the new modern mode. The attendees included over 16 million art enthusiasts from around the world. The goal was to celebrate and legitimize the “decorative arts” to the public and press.

Although Its Heyday Is Long Past

But The result was the establishment of one of history’s most enduring stylistic movements: Art Deco. Over the years, Art Deco has found expression in every medium. From graphic design to furniture to the digital worlds of video games. Then Although its heyday is long past, the movement left behind a number of monuments to its reign. Most notably in architectural feats that dot many skylines around the world. That continue to make it a part of our everyday lives. For designers who want to infuse their projects with a grandeur to match the Chrysler building, Art Deco is a style you won’t want to miss. Read on to understand what the Art Deco movement is all about and what you can learn from it for your own designs.

Poster of a Luxury Ocean Liner

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But The characteristics of Art Deco design Like many stylistic movements, the characteristics of Art Deco design, many of which predated the coining of the official moniker in 1925, were birthed out of the historical context of the era. Poster of a luxury ocean liner by A.M. Cassandre A.M. Cassandre’s iconic Art Deco posters stylize the marvels of modern machinery. Then Via The early 1900s was coming off the heels of the Industrial Age. Then This meant that mechanical engineering was no longer the dominant force, allowing design to take center stage. The train you chose to travel in had less to do with the horsepower of its engine and more to do with the opulence of its cabins.

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