Digital Soccer Fields Nike Offers to the Inhabitants of Madrid

Madrid, Spain .- Nike has decided to Belize WhatsApp Number List
show the qualities of its new collection of fc247 boots specially designed to play, as its claim says, “Anytime, anywhere.” and that is why those who enter the site www.Mipista.Es will be able to have a digital soccer field thanks to the laser projection devised by the doubleyou agency. Uniquely, Nike will offer this service in the Spanish capital, to return to the old tradition of playing in the streets, which has been put aside in recent times and which served children of past generations to turn this sport into a national passion. The sports brand has a group of specialists who travel to the requested location together with a lifting crane from where.

Argentine Entrepreneurs Carried Out an Application

In a few minutes, they laser-project the limits of an amazing soccer field that will adjust to Belize WhatsApp Number List terrain. Precisely what it also promotes that the new. Comparatively,  Nike sports shoes will do and that can be tested by the participants in these street meetings, as can be seen in the following video.Buenos airs, Argentina.- In addition, argentine entrepreneurs carried out an application that allows them to create a benefit club tailored to each rampage. In this way, digital marketing is promoted by promoting the active participation of users , promoting more flow of visitors, greater activity and, in addition, generating a key database to meet customers. In a video, how it works.

By Promoting Different Recreational Activities

Belize WhatsApp Number List

Likewise, This is woo up. An Belize WhatsApp number list application. That generates a benefits club on facebook. Which helps small and medium businesses. And micro – businesses to convert their fans. On social networks into customers. By promoting different recreational. Activities among fans. As well as, In the light of, The tool awards points that can later. Together with, Be exchanged for products or more benefits. “woo up offers companies to increase. Again, The relationship with fans, focusing on the long term. Increasing loyalty and knowing their tastes. Moreover, Directly so that they can later offer them. The product or service according. Equally, To their preferences. In this way, it brings the customer closer to the brand. Provides valid contact information. And identifies sales opportunities. To convert the fan into a customer.

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