Customers Demand Great Experiences

There’s never been a better time for your customers to get started with Shopify POS, or to add an offline selling component to their online business. And we want to help you get them excited about all that the new retail era has to offer. This article will help you speak persuasively about the change in retail and how your customers can really take advantage of this opportunity to expand their business offline. To do this, here are five powerful trends to check out when introducing Shopify POS to current or potential customers. 1. Customers are buying more in person Retail Industry Trends: In-Person Sales Although customers buy more in person, less than half of all Shopify merchants accept this type of sales. Did you know that a sale in person is more valuable to merchants than a sale in an online store?

Statistically speaking, ticket sizes are 60 percent larger for Shopify POS purchases than online purchases, and other markups follow this number as well. It all comes down to human psychology. When asked where they preferred Guyana B2B List to shop, 75 to 85 percent of respondents said they preferred to shop in-store. And this makes sense: as humans, we like to communicate, experience the thrill of the hunt, experiment with what’s in front of us, and compare real products with all our senses. We like to communicate, experience the thrill of the hunt, experiment with what’s in front of us and compare real products with all our senses. And shopping in person checks all these boxes. Think of being in your favorite store.

The Retail Landscape Is Evolving

As you browse, it’s easy to see your cart (or arms) fill up with the items you want. You can look, touch, feel and compare products. You can decide at that moment if the product meets all your expectations or not. And once there’s something in your cart, you’re less likely to check it out before you finish at the register. That is the power of selling in person. And your customers no longer need a store to take advantage of the in-person selling experience. All they need is their mobile device, Shopify POS, and a card reader, and they’re ready to sell anytime, anywhere. You may also be interested in: Why you should add Shopify POS to your service offering. 2. Retailers are turning to mobile tools to improve offline shopping Retail Industry Trends: Mobile Tools.


The use of mobile POS terminals is on an upward trend and will continue to be a strong competitor against fixed POS terminals. While the opportunity for Shopify POS is about much more than the potential to increase average ticket prices, it also continues to narrow the gap between online and offline sales. In 2015, mobile POS solutions like Shopify only accounted for 26 percent of all POS terminals in the United States. By 2024, this number is estimated to rise to approximately 50 percent. Why? Because retailers are looking to mobilize the line-breaking, interactive shopping experience and provide customers with seamless transactions, just like those done online. Ultimately, this improves the offline shopping experience and allows retailers and merchants to create more targeted situational campaigns to drive more sales. Also, fewer lines = happier customers.

The Media Is Taking Over the Role

By using Shopify POS, your customers get all the benefits of a point of sale solution. As well as the digital integration of Shopify’s online store. Customers can leverage online customer data for personalized in-store interactions.  Offer a mobile solution for in-person sales and much more.  Helping retailers use mobile tools to enhance their offline sales experience.  Customers demand great experiences and fast fulfillment Retail Industry Trends. Experience and Compliance Leveraging the best of online and in-store sales.  Multi-channel approaches will dominate the retail industry. Traditionally, e-commerce is low on customer experience but high on ease of fulfilment. Customers search for products at home, on their phones, or at work.  They cannot touch or feel the products they are trying to buy.

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