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Two webshops have really doubled the ROI and the USA Phone Number second webshops ‘only’ have an increase of 22%. Stealing on brand name traffic? For now, we see no signs that Performance Max is stealing brand name traffic: One of the webshops has almost no traffic by brand name and the sales that have come out of it have been realized by Performance Max. At another USA Phone Number webshop, which does have a lot of brand name traffic, we see no decrease in brand name impressions, clicks and turnover. Search terms are not transparent, but we do see the landing pages. This is rarely the USA Phone Number homepage and usually a ‘deeper’ product page. Performance Max gets more impressions.

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Much more is us on Display and Video, which means USA Phone Number that there are many more impressions. As mentioned, Performance Max itself extends traffic to YouTube. If you don’t have a video, it will be made for you. What does Performance USA Phone Number Max mean for SEA? In recent years, Google Ads has been increasingly making campaigns and ad forms automatically – using the Google algorithm, of course. As Yuval Noah Harari points out in his book (21 Lessons for the 21st Century): machines are increasingly taking over from humans. In the first half of the 20th USA Phone Number century , this was mainly physical human work that was replaced by machines.

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For the 21st century it is mainly about USA Phone Number thinking and thought processes . Personally, I have been critical of the new methods that Google Ads introduces for some time, but I do try to test as much as possible and learn from them. Often I even compare it to the ‘old times’, but these times are over and will not come back. There have been many changes within USA Phone Number SEA in recent years. Those who stick to strategies or tactics that worked 2-3 years ago USA Phone Number will no longer get good results. After all, your competitor does not sit still.

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