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But to get there, you have to put your mark, and therefore yourself, out there. 2. Become an expert what is personal branding: holly Pixc’s Holly Cardew says that helping others has been an integral part of building her personal brand. But how do you start exposing yourself? Holly Cardew is the founder of Pixc, a platform to help eCommerce stores edit and optimize their product photos so they can increase sales. She is also the author of Shopify’s Complete Guide to DIY Product Photography. Holly has set herself and her personal brand by participating in her community and identifying the needs of her audience. By being present and accessible, Holly has been able to establish herself as an expert voice.

“Over the years, I have given talks, mentored, participated in webinars, attended more events than I care  Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List topics that I am repeatedly asked about. I think the combination of these things has helped me build my personal brand.” Holly’s blog is a good example of how you can start establishing yourself and building your brand. By writing down answers to questions she hears often, Holly can continuously establish her experience. what is personal branding: hollys website Holly’s blog showcases her experience and addresses questions she frequently hears. Find your niche, listen to the questions that come up time and time again, and become a trusted source for answers to those questions. It’s the strongest way to establish your brand and gain the trust of your audience, and that’s great news for business.

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Make connections When you start putting yourself out there, you’ll start to drive those real connections that are so powerful for entrepreneurs. Your voice will attract the kind of people you want to connect with and start building trust. what is the personal brand: kaitlin Kaitlin Fontenot of Love Kait Design Studio says that being honest with her audience has helped her build strong connections in her industry. Kaitlin Fontenot is the founder of Love Kait Design Studio. For Kaitlin, making real connections is at the core of her personal brand. I find that those personal aspects are what bring my followers and clients much closer. Kaitlin Fontenot, Love Kait Design Studio “By being able to really connect with them in real-life situations.


share vulnerable moments behind the scenes, and be honest and up front about how difficult life can be as a small business owner, I’ve been able to build quality relationships. that will last a lifetime,” says Kaitlin. “I think those personal aspects are what bring my fans and customers much closer.” Sharing your story, establishing yourself as an expert, and making real connections – these are all benefits of embracing your personal brand. 4. Keep it up When you start having these kinds of conversations with your audience, you start to build trust. But the key to building that trust and strengthening your brand is to stay consistent. All of your personal channels should reflect your brand.

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That means using the same photo or logo, keeping the same voice, and constantly staying true to yourself. People should know what to expect when they interact with you. The best part of your new brand is that it’s about you. If you’ve stayed authentic, your brand should reflect your personality and the ways you already do business. That means your new brand will only serve to reinforce what you’re already good at. At the heart of your brand, is you. Keeping your online presence active is also important. If you commit to a channel, remember that potential customers will seek you out. An inactive profile is worse than no profile. If you’re in a digital business, you need to keep it fresh, current, and consistent. Jeremy Watt, LATER THAN YOU “You have to keep it up,” says Jeremy of UP LATER THE YOU.

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