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It may not be 100 percent clear initially, but each link in a link list.  In addition to the menu itself, has a unique identifier that.  We have access to in Liquid. Let’s take a look at an example. If our main-menuhas three levels of links as follows.  House About us Woman Accessories Earrings scarves. The nice thing about using nested menus in Shopify is that nested.  Menu items directly from their parent link using Liquid. This greatly simplifies the markup needed to render a nested menu. Meaning you don’t need to know the parent’s identifier to render its children. Here’s an example of how we can use these related ids to generate.  A nested menu three levels deep.  You’ll notice that we’re now entering a statement ifin our refactored.  Example, directly after displaying the first level of our main menu.

This statement ifchecks if a child link exists for the current link element in our loop. If it exists, the  Austria WhatsApp Number List through all the submenu items. Also, in this example we handle the submenu child_linkand a submenu grandchild_linkin the same way, checking with a statement ifto see if there is a child binding for the current binding element, and if there is, the template iterates through and outputs the submenu. In the example above, child_linkit’s just a variable forthat we use to represent the current item in the loop; could easily with sub_linkand grandchild_linkwith sub_sub_link. We’ve used childand grandchildin this case to illustrate the nested navigation hierarchy a bit more clearly. finishing touches I think it’s important to mention an additional binding property that will be very useful when creating menus: link.activeand link.child_active.

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Both are boolean properties ( true/false) that let you easily tell if the current page is active, as well as if its nested elements are active. The syntax is as follows In this example, we’ll add a CSS class activeif the current page’s URL is the same as the list item, and a class active-childif the current page is also part of the active nested item. Here is the full code sample to complete: Start nesting those menus! Link lists are a very powerful element of the Shopify platform. Having the ability to create an array of list items that can be changed in the manager gives you a lot of flexibility. We’ve seen theme developers use them well beyond menu structures. However, knowing how to create a nested navigation that can then be styled with CSS is a great tool to have at your disposal.


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