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The customer does not need to provide detailed context themselves or take screenshots to articulate the problem. The app does all of this for them.” 4. Shopify Theme Kit How we use it: “We quickly upgraded to the Shopify Theme Kit from the Shopify Theme Gem as soon as it became available.” Why we love it: “It allows us to easily reconcile and deploy multiple development environments. When aligned with our Git repositories, it is by far one of the most useful tools we have for keeping multiple developers working together efficiently.” Learned lessons The biggest lesson Bodog learned from working on this project was the value of common goals, diplomacy, and patience with a complex build process.

“Working with the Cracka Wines team has been extremely refreshing, knowing that they are just as driven to innovate as we are,” he adds. “Their trust in us to help them on this journey imbues our team with a sense of responsibility and Sudan B2B List accomplishment that is rare.” Amid the unique challenges and setbacks that all web developers face, a smooth migration can be helped by: Feature planning, before starting any development. Be very careful when making promises that you are sure you can keep. Help the client stay grounded in their expectations. Always asking ‘why?’ Why do we need that feature? Why do we have so many meetings and not do enough work? Why are people not understanding this concept?

Shopify Theme Kit

The answer isn’t always obvious, but asking it in the first place will get you one step closer to a solution. Bodog Olah, Creator “The answer isn’t always obvious,” Bodog muses. “But asking in the first place will get you one step closer to a solution.” The power of trusting your instincts Createur fully launched the new and improved Cracka Wines website for all customers in June 2017. Shopify Plus Partner Createur: Cracka Wines Website 2017 The new Cracka Wines website was fully launched in June 2017. Since the migration, Cracka Wines’ average order value has increased by 18%, which can be attributed to better search functionality, advanced filtering, and multi-buy mechanics developed by the Createur team.


Since the migration, Cracka Wines’ average order value has increased by 18%. Plus, making the switch from its custom platform has saved the online.  Wine company more than $300,000 a year in IT maintenance costs. Now, instead of sinking their budget to get things running smoothly online, they’ve been able to redirect funds towards innovation projects and new features. Cracka Wines now looks to continue updating the new site with Createur. For his part, Bodog attributes the success of the migration to a pearl of wisdom that he always returns to. “The most important advice I give to clients is: ‘listen to your emotions when ideas start, but leave them behind when it comes time to implement them in the real world.’” What is your advice for handling large platform migrations? Tell us in the comments section below!

The Power of Trusting Your Instincts

You may also be interested in: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Web Design Clients. Find leads from Shopify POS Now that you know what kind of merchants to look for.  Let’s dive into where you can find your POS prospects. Mouth to mouth Rehash’s Andrew says the most effective.  Way for his business to find new customers is through merchants they’ve worked with in the past. Word of mouth travels fast among local retailers.  As they are naturally a tighter-knit community than online brands.  Explains Andrew. They’re always talking business. So having a good reputation as a trusted source on these topics is key. Another great way to meet potential customers is to attend local events. Such as farmers’ markets, local business meetings, and pop-up store events in your town.

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