Create Sensible to-do Lists

It’s pretty straightforward, but I don’t actually use the billing feature,” he explains. “One thing I’ve learned is to track almost all of their processes, including non-billable ones, so you’ll get insight into how long an average task takes you, which helps make accurate budget and time estimates. Also, when you optimize a process, you have time logs as a check to see how much of an impact it has on your time per task.” You should also start the clock as soon as you sit down to work, advises front-end developer Patrick Johnson, who uses Harvest for time tracking. “The time you track isn’t just when you’re working directly with code or layout files,” he says.

That’s when you start allocating your time, knowledge and attention to a customer. Track everything related to work. Even if you don’t bill by the hour, it helps you have measurable data.  On how much time you spend on a task. This helps CANADA B2B List  with future project estimates and determines.  When to increase rates.” If you estimate the time it will take to complete a task.  Be sure to be generous and things almost always take longer than expected. You may also be interested in: How to write a freelance contract 101 “A good rule of thumb is to estimate how long something will take and then multiply that by one and a half or two,” suggests Kelly Vaughn.

Track Your Time

Having a buffer for contingencies will save you from missing deadlines and spending evenings and weekends working to catch up.” time management tips: toggle Many designers like Toggl, a very intuitive and easy to use time tracking app. 3. Minimize distractions Social media and email are one of the biggest culprits for lack of productivity. “You don’t need to check your email every moment of the day,” warns Kelly Vaughn. “Activate your email client maybe three times a day: in the morning when you’re starting out, right after lunch, and toward the end of the day. During these times, you can take care of emails that just require a quick response and add to-do items to respond to your other emails at a later date or time.” Developer Patrick Johnson suggests a focus app like HeyFocus to help ensure.


you’re only working on client material and not scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And mobile app and game developer Chris Wilson, creator of Super Turbo Action Pig, occasionally uses The Emergent Task Timer, a simple printed timeline that you fill in intermittently during your workday. “As tasks come up that you should be working on, you write them at the top of the sheet, distractions you fill in at the bottom of the sheet,” he explains. “During a day, in 15-minute intervals, you build a picture of where you actually spent your time. There’s also a mechanism to log distractions that last less than 15 minutes, like checking your Twitter feed or email. This is a great reality check for freelancers struggling with procrastination or bad habits they are unaware of.”

Keep a Bullet Journal

This is a great reality check for freelancers struggling with procrastination or bad habits they are unaware of. Chris Wilson Chris advises using the task timer only as a diagnostic tool, as it would undermine its original purpose if used long-term as a timesheet system. He also says that the best way he has found to avoid distractions is to find interesting jobs for enthusiastic clients with realistic deadlines. 4. Keep a bullet journal Like many other freelancers, content strategist Saskia Videler is constantly juggling thousands of projects. “I feel like I’ve tried every to-do app on the planet, but none of them stuck,” he sighs. “It’s silly, but at some point I always start to forget about the app. Then last year I learned about bullet journals.

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