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By the end of 2017, B2C eCommerce sales a mind-boggling $2.4 trillion worldwide. Even more amazing? That number is just a fraction of the B2B eCommerce market share. Which currently stands at $7.7 trillion and is reach $12 trillion by 2020. The skyrocketing rise of the eCommerce machine has brought.  With it some massive changes in the way B2B organizations need to operate. Wholesale companies have to migrate their businesses.  To online platforms to meet the changing expectations of the digitally empowered consumer. This includes high-quality product images, strong search. Social proof in the form of reviews and recommendations, personalization based on past history, and mobile-optimized sites.

There are still a large number of companies that have not made.  The move to an online B2B channel, presenting a huge opportunity for digital.  E-commerce agencies to identify valuable e-commerce solutions and win B2B business. Despite this pressure to transition to digital.  There are still a large number of companies that have Slovenia WhatsApp Number List not made.  The move to an online B2B channel, presenting a huge opportunity for digital e-commerce agencies.  To identify digital e-commerce solutions. valuable e-commerce and win B2B business. In this article, we’ll cover some of the challenges you might face.  When trying to convince your wholesale customer to in the digital world.

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We will provide advice on how to address client concerns, how to scope and plan a project, and how to ensure you provide expert leadership and maximum value to your client. The power of wholesale automation wholesale business: automationYour wholesale customer may pride themselves on personalized customer service as a point of difference, but in the digital age of ‘always on’ connectivity and expectations of streamlined e-commerce experiences, good customer service is no longer enough. In fact, many people no longer have the time or inclination to answer a sales call. Today’s shoppers are used to having detailed data on product availability, prices, and reviews at their fingertips.

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Convenience is king, and clunky, time-consuming or paper-intensive ordering processes are the fastest way for wholesalers to fall behind, especially given the rise of B2B e-commerce disruptors like Wholesalers need to consider the ways in which B2C e-commerce has added customer value and adopt these principles into their own processes to satisfy customers who are no longer satisfied with the traditional wholesale experience. There is a wide range of personalization and automation technologies that you can offer to your wholesale customers to ensure they effectively digitize their customer service, without compromising things like upsell capacity.

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For example, marketing automation technology enables an e-commerce site to suggest content to customers from their order pages, personalizing the digital interaction to ensure they don’t lose connection with the customer. Simplified pricing rules can be created for wholesale customers to make it easier for the business to manage their prices, while creating more transparency for customers (who, in turn, are more likely to complete their purchase). It’s a win-win. Just as important, wholesalers recognize the benefits of automation to their own profit margins and operational efficiencies. For example, premium stationery brand Elm Paper created a second Shopify store specifically for its wholesale business, allowing customers to browse its product range in the same way as a customer, but see personalized pricing based on their account status. of client.

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