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This means that Lucid gets an increasing amount of work from other partners who need support.  But also helps ensure that younger partner.  Who haven’t yet built the capacity or skills within their own teams. Can tackle larger projects and complex ones. As we collaborate more frequently and on bigger.  More advanced projects, this further builds on the word-of-mouth connections.  We make across the broader ecosystem and opens the doors to fun and interesting collaborations he adds. How to get started: Follow any of the tips above: attend a meeting. Write content that engages other partners.  Or answer tough questions in a partner forum. Galen even suggests reaching out to those he admires in the community. Saying partners are often open to connecting.

At its core, collaboration boils down to discovering and nurturing a communal relationship, so take your learnings and apply them! What can you do outside the community There are a few other ways, aside from getting involved in the Shopify community, to enhance Chad B2B List your two-way relationship with Shopify. These tips focus more on how you present yourself and your business to the world, as well as how Shopify fits into your well-designed business persona. 5. Create a stellar Expert profile An expert profile is the page that lives within the Shopify Experts Marketplace. It is the face of your company and brand within Shopify. When Shopify merchants search for a Shopify-recommended service provider, this is the page they’ll find. How it helps your business.

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Your Shopify Experts profile tells those who have already bought the platform that as a business, you have experience using the Shopify platform and can help them get the most out of it. “We’ve worked on the Shopify platform for several years and have worked our way up to becoming Shopify Plus Partners,” explains Lance O’Grady of digital agency Pocket Square. “In our market (New Zealand and Australia), this has given us a huge point of difference.” How it benefits the ecosystem: An impressive Expert profile benefits merchants first and foremost, as it means they can quickly and easily understand who you are and what kind of value you offer. The long-term benefit is that satisfied customers make recommendations, which means that if a merchant finds the Experts Marketplace.


Easy to navigate and finds a good fit with a partner.  They are more likely to recommend the marketplace to others. Which means more business for everyone. Shopify Partnerships Lead Rhys adds that standing out from.  The crowd is vital to customer acquisition.  But it also helps ensure that the right kind of customers (i.e. high-value ones) come to you. “The marketplace makes it easy for merchants to compare many partners quickly, so try to find ways that make you stand out, while also being clear about the type of client you want to work with,” says Rhys. How to get started: You should think of your Expert profile as an extension of your website. The same professional polish you put on the online face of your business should be included in your Expert profile.

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That means including the basics, like: Recent Client Testimonials High resolution/quality screenshots Detailed examples of past work It’s also important to note that the Expert Marketplace ranks experts based on three key factors: The number of testimonials added, as well as how recent they are. The number of development stores launched through your Partner Dashboard and how recently they launched. How quickly you respond to inquiries through your Partner Dashboard. Lance ensures that Pocket Square’s business profile is strong by including an overview of the services provided, as well as examples of the quality of his work and projects from previous clients. The goal is to give potential customers an introduction to what Pocket Square does. “We like to include key information that makes our agency different, including our specializations and key clients.”

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