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Getting started: Attending meetups in your region is a good place to start.  But running meetups (alone or with the help of another partner) is a great. Way to connect more deeply with the community both inside.  And outside of Shopify. Meetings not only allow you to practice your presentation skills. They also make your face recognizable in your local community and help.  Establish you as a leading regional company. Become a Shopify Expert: Melbourne Shopify Meetup Shopify Meetups. Like the one above hosted by Gavin Ballard in Melbourne. Give members a great opportunity to practice their speaking skills.  And position themselves as leaders in the broader ecosystem. I know that being somewhat prominent in the community has helped.  Close deals with clients who might otherwise have been on the fence,” explains Disco’s Gavin.

Shopify hosts a number of different in-person events throughout the year that can help you further contribute to the community. Shopify’s annual developer and partner conference Unite recently concluded, but you can check out the keynotes if you missed them. A Day With Shopify is a series of international events with a mission to connect Shopify Partners. It is scheduled to start Comoros B2B List later this year in five cities around the world and is looking for speakers. Shop Class is a series of workshops and events currently traveling across Canada. While focused on merchants, this series of events is a great opportunity to meet potential customers and provide them with help, advice and insights in person.

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Talking spots are also available on occasion. Gavin adds that speaking at a Shopify event, big or small, keeps you up to date on what’s going on with the platform.  But also gives you a more strategic edge. Become a Shopify Expert. Stockholm Shopify Meetup Speaking at Shopify events can help you stay informed.  About what’s going on with the platform. For example, we were invited to speak at the Shopify meeting in Stockholm.  Which in turn let us know that Shopify’s Klarna integration would be officially launched in Sweden.  Which makes promoting and working with Shopify in Scandinavia exciting. Much more attractive,” explains Gavin. “It also gives us insight into features that could open up new markets. Like Japan (with proper multilingual support in the admin. Or different types of customers like.  When the wholesale channel was to Plus merchants.


You may also in: 4 Overlooked Tactics for Finding New Customers Offline. 4. Collaborate with other Shopify Partners and Experts Whether at an in-person event or through an online forum, building relationships with other trusted agencies or freelancers often leads to mutually beneficial collaborative working relationships. How it helps your business: Knowing other talented web designers and developers whose service offerings complement yours is helpful, as it leaves you with someone to refer clients to when the requested job isn’t in your wheelhouse. Having strong relationships with industry professionals who offer similar services to yours can also benefit you, as it means you can refer clients to another trusted agency or freelancer when recruiting a new client is not possible due to workload.

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Or the time. Not least, having other partners or experts to bounce ideas off of, share pain points with, or even just complain about can make your work life and business richer and healthier. How It Benefits the Ecosystem: Galen King of New York and New Zealand-based company Lucid has been designing and building Shopify sites and developing apps and custom integrations for over 10 years. He notes that collaborating with other partners has helped him find new and exciting opportunities. “We’re finding that even with a small team, our expertise and experience are increasingly in demand, particularly from newer partners,” explains Galen. “As the ecosystem grows, there are more agencies selling Shopify to their clients, but they may lack the experience and expertise within their teams to offer more advanced customizations, builds, and app development.

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