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Although there is no formal certification. And definitely NOT all. Therefore,  courses are created equal. YouTube is a great place to go if you are looking for more informal learning.  And don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on official online learning. platform. Course: Brad Hussey on Becoming a Successful Independent.  Developer With just over half an hour of footage.This obviously isn’t a deep dive into the subject, but it’s a good place to start. Therefore,  The host (simple programmer) interviews Brad Hussey.  A freelance web developer and programmer.  Who has hosted courses on Udemy and Youtube in the past. Simple Programmer also gives you the option to subscribe.  To his newsletter and blog for additional updates on the topic. Perfect For.  Freelancers Views: 10,622 Rating: 201 thumbs up, 7 thumbs down Course.

How to Design an Agency Landing Page A product designer turned.  However, Youtuber named Mackenzie Child created this 12-part series to show you how to design.  A beautiful landing page for your agency side note: doesn’t look like you’ve completed all 12 parts yet. In the first week, he shares the user interface design he created for The Bahamas B2B List an agency.  He invented for educational purposes called SuperMegaAwesome. Perfect For: Agencies Views: 58,023 Rating: 870 thumbs up.  9 thumbs down Course: 10 Examples of Million Dollar Affiliate Marketing Websites. This nearly three-hour YouTube video goes through 10 different.  However, Case study examples of websites that are making millions.  Through affiliate marketing, including the creator’s site, Project Life Mastery.

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Perfect For: An Affiliate Marketer Views: 41,469 Rating.  627 thumbs up, 15 thumbs down Are you currently in an online course or have you had great experiences with one in the past? Post your suggestions for continued learning in the comments below. Hosting videos on product pages can increase your customer’s conversion rate by an average of 37 percent, according to Goodvidio’s findings. This means that when your customer’s product videos are directly integrated into product pages, customers are more likely to stay on the website and complete their purchase, rather than visiting YouTube for relevant videos. You may also be interested in: How to Use Videos in Ecommerce Web Design to Increase Conversions. 3. Multi-channel connections.


Like all e-commerce industries. Therefore,  the technology sector is experiencing tremendous revenue growth outside of the traditional single website model. An IBM report found that in the US and UK, consumer electronics is the product category most frequently chosen by multi-channel shoppers. Businesses that sell through multiple channels will have a much better chance of being successful, and as a developer, you have a responsibility to your customers to make sure you’re making these connections when you design your stores. A customer’s buying journey is no longer a linear path, social networks become part of everyday life and the boundaries between platforms are becoming increasingly blurred. Websites that have seamless integrations with Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook can drive engagement with engaging content and increase sales opportunities.

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As multi-channel selling becomes the standard. Will expect their custom themes to have seamless integrations with all major social channels. However,  Shopify Partners can create these integrations in a variety of different methods.  Whether it’s Instagram galleries on landing pages or the ability to sell directly through Facebook Messenger. It is even possible to create your own sales channel using the Sales Channel SDK and connect with social networks that have untapped potential. The Sales Channel SDK gives developers the tools to add rich commerce experiences to any mobile app, marketplace, or website. Once you’ve created an app that connects Shopify to a third-party platform. Therefore, merchants can select specific products to sync with this new channel.

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