Council of Young Entrepreneurs

If you have a vision of how you’d like to see the community develop. Or how you’d like to better use the community to grow your business.  You’ll want to make sure you’re in control of any key decision-making.  Position yourself as an authority Leadership will provide.  You with the opportunity to share your thoughts on relevant issues within your community. If there is an opportunity for referrals or incoming leads, demonstrating thought leadership is critical.  To increasing your reputation within the community and the interest of others. Being known as the ‘connector’ or leader of the pack.  Is a sure way to establish that reputation. Connect with other leaders Leadership puts.  You in a position where you can leverage the group to connect with other leaders.

Whether it includes leaders within the group itself or external parties such as guest speakers, sponsors, or the press, leadership provides the leverage necessary to open those relationships. How to start your own community If you feel inspired Benin WhatsApp Number List to take on a leadership role and possibly start your own community, what are the basic ingredients you’ll want to have in place? Although there are a variety of factors that define any community, there are three basic principles to consider. 1. Shared fight At the heart of any community there is some kind of shared struggle. It is what motivates them to join initially. Maybe it’s to pioneer a new technology or establish rights for an underserved demographic.

How Communities Really Drive Growth

Regardless of the specific problem at hand, people want their problems solved and will feel stronger about a community that could help them solve those problems. 2. Shared vision On the other side of the struggle/problem you are addressing is your vision of the community. Maybe it’s to create an educational series around their struggle, maybe it’s to raise money for a specific cause, or maybe it’s to bring together the largest group of like-minded people possible. Giving your community some kind of definition can help provide clarity for people who are considering joining. 3. Shared identity The final but equally important element is that of a shared identity.


At the core of any community is a set of shared values ​​or attributes that are common among its members. Maybe it’s just the struggle or vision you’ve identified, but it will often include something a little more specific than that. It can be member location, industry, ethnicity, or any other attribute that makes your community unique from others. Once you’ve identified the above aspects, the rest is really logistics. While that aspect may seem the most challenging if you’re not interested in planning, the good news is that logistics can fluctuate. Whether online or offline, the most important thing is to identify a core group of people who share the above ingredients, so you can get started.

Growth Through Referrals

How, where and when you get involved can all evolve, though a consistent certainly helps make things easier for your members. At first, don’t get caught up in sponsorship or membership fees. Show that there is interest/demand in this community and that you can stimulate some kind of growth. How the community has shaped my growth Why am I so passionate about the community and the role it can play in growing your business? I hit a wall in the early years of running my agency, Growth Spark. We were growing, but we were constantly running into problems. After numerous coffee chats with other agency owners who shared the same issues, I decided that we would all benefit from getting together to discuss our respective lessons learned.

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