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Reply Hans Boersma Author February 14, 2022 at 10:11 am Hey Canada Phone Number Emil.Thanks Hmm, I’m afraid I have the same answer for this as for Robin.There is no easy answer to that, because it depends on many factors.Such as the product range and the (sub)categories that a webshop has. Examples: 1.) For a webshop that runs very well with Performance Max. We Canada Phone Number run one Performance Max campaign, because the. Margins are the same and the (sub)categories are reasonably the same in terms of performance and order value. We may expand this later, but for Canada Phone Number now it is running satisfactorily.

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For another webshop the margins are Canada Phone Number different and some categories score clearly better. So here we create various Performance Max campaigns so that we can properly divide the budgets and still have some grip on the outcome. Note: In both cases we still have Google Shopping or Smart Shopping turn on, so not just Performance Max.” Hopefully Canada Phone Number I answer your question with this, but if you can’t figure it out, you can always email me. 0 likes ReplyThe year has only just begun, or marketers are already startl by the news that Google Analytics is Canada Phone Number under a magnifying glass at the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

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Will European privacy legislation kill Canada Phone Number this widely us tool? January is also an excellent month to look ahead. What trends are happening in your field and could your social mia channels use a makeover? You can read more about it in the top 10 most popular Frankwatching articles of January. 1. Will Google Analytics be bann.We start Canada Phone Number with the news that the Dutch Data Protection Authority is investigating whether Google Analytics is in violation of the AVG (GDPR). A possible ban of this popular tool is causing a lot of controversy. We Canada Phone Number publishe3 frequently read articles about it, which I would like to put together for this overview.

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