The Awareness and Consideration Phase Is Often the Time

For example, when targeted content can have the most impact. At this stage, the content shouldn’t be focused on sales, but on providing valuable industry information that solves a potential customer’s problem. This type of content can come China WhatsApp Number List in the form of blog posts, videos, infographics, and webinars that educate your audience. This part is crucial to give them the confidence to move on to the next phase of the purchase funnel. For each question, provide answers and general topics that fit the question. This is important, as those responses will guide the direction of your content strategy with each lead.


Choose and test the best formats to deliver these responses to potential customers, along with how you’ll deliver them (be it social media posts, email, blog posts, ebooks, webinars, tutorials, etc.). Etc.). Step 05. Identify the pains or problems as well as identifying the most frequently asked questions that customers ask at each stage of purchase, it is also China WhatsApp Number List important to identify the pains and barriers that users face that prevent them from making a purchase. To find the pains at each stage, simply listen actively and watch how the prospect interacts with the company. For example, if they’ve placed a product in their shopping cart several times, but haven’t purchased it yet, consider price/shipping to be their barrier.

If a User Doesn’t Engage

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With, the content you’re providing through a marketing automation funnel. They, think it’s not the right content for the problems. They’re, having or the solutions they’re looking for. Understanding the barriers and limitations. That, your potential China WhatsApp Number List customers have when they interact with your company. Is, crucial to correct and improve the customer journey. Define metrics for each stage that can be monitored without clear data and metrics. How, can you follow your customer’s purchase process and, more importantly, improve each of the phases? The most effective way to collect and track customer journey data. Is, to understand and use the data that the company is already tracking.

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