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The final thing to consider is cultural fit, which comes down to how you enjoy working with this person. Every freelancer will have a subjective perspective of how much he is willing to put up with from his clients, but sometimes personalities don’t mesh well and the relationship turns toxic, a clear sign to get out of the relationship. You may also be interested in: The Value of Saying No to Potential Clients. 3. Always keep experimenting with side projects Jeffrey Zeldman: Side ProjectsAbove all, Jeffrey highlights how experimentation and innovation are the cornerstones of every freelance web designer’s career. “Sometimes you can get into a lucky situation where customers come to you expecting innovation and [are] willing to take the time to get it right,” Jeffrey said.

“But that is very rare and I have to tell you that you may be very well known, but that will not [yet] be the majority of your clients.” For the average web designer, these “non-innovative” clients are often the bread and butter of the business. They know what they Denmark Phone Number List want from a visual design perspective and what business results they want to see. And while these essential clients help you put food on the table. They don’t offer the freedom or growth most creative professionals crave. That’s where side projects come in. These non-client jobs allow you to stretch your creative muscles and experiment with new approaches to designing problems that you might not have the opportunity to do with client work. Personal projects can also be a great avenue for personal growth, as they challenge you to explore different or complex problems.

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Investigate possible solutions, and build something truly unique that you can then share with others. Side projects can come in a variety of forms. For example, you could try one of the following ideas to really explore. The depths of your creativity. Challenge commonly used solutions – Use your side projects as an opportunity to explore radically different approaches to commonly used solutions. This could be in the form of a reinvention of traditional e-commerce website design, an alternative to common user interface elements, or a new way of representing information online. Whichever direction you take, this exercise will broaden your own perspective on possible solutions to common design problems. Explore a new resource – Another great use of side projects is to use them as an opportunity to work with a new language, tool, or resource that you might not otherwise work with.

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Not only will this help you turn the tide against the status quo. But it will also expand your own skill set that could be applied to projects in the future. Create something fun: Side projects don’t always have to be functional. You can spend a few hours a week working on something purely creative. Like a ready-to-use SVG animation or a fun illustration to share on Dribbble. Regardless of what you decide to pursue.  It is important that you share your project with the rest of the industry online. Add it to your portfolio site, write a Medium post describing the process. Or simply share it with your social network. This communication shows the world that. You are passionate about what you do and could even lead to potential opportunities in the future. Not sure where to start your side project?

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The answer is closer than you think. “You could share your experiments in communities like CodePen or,” said Jeffrey. “But most of all, you need to innovate on your own personal [portfolio] site and make it as amazing as you can.” But most of all, you need to innovate your own personal portfolio site and make it as badass as possible. Jeffrey shares a warning about pushing your designs out of the box. “Innovation is great, but ease of use is much more important,” he said. Don’t forget design essentials like accessibility, usability, and ultimate impact in your quest for innovation. Instead, try to tie innovation to the business goals set in front.  Of you and deliver amazing service to users who interact with your design.

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