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A few days ago. Ms. Song, a teacher at China Aurora Vocational College, was expelled. The school after being recorded by a student for her “wrong remarks” about the Nanjing Massacre in her class. On Chinese social media. Students who “snoticed” were accused of harassing calls and texts on their mobile phones. The state media condemned Mr. Song in unison, and the

Global Times also supported

the students as “whistleblowers.” Hu Xijin, the recently retired former editor-in-chief Slovenia Phone Number of the Global Times, sings the opposite, arguing that the matter should “be handled on campus.” The controversy over the matter has not subsided. The author specifically discusses two of these issues. The first question is whether student behavior is “snoticing.”

First of all, it needs to be pointed out that the initial recording version released by the reported student on social media was a edited version. All the words were truncated and taken out of context, and it was actually interpreted as Teacher Song “denying the Nanjing Massacre”. Fortunately, someone released the full version of the video later, and someone translated it into a verbatim version.

The teacher said at the beginning that

Slovenia Phone Number

the Japanese army did act against humanity in Nanjing”, and then mainly discussed the lack of solid statistics in China, saying that 300,000 people died in the Nanjing Massacre, and no one knows who died. , “I didn’t study the names of 300,000 people and their ID numbers seriously and carefully,” so the number of 300,000 was not convincing enough. She also compared Germany’s rigorous statistics on the slaughtered Jews, arguing that the government has the responsibility to count “the names of 300,000 people.” Finally, she also believes that when it comes to the Nanjing Massacre, “you should not hate forever,

But should reflect on how the war came about. This is the most important thing.” Comparing this full version, it is not difficult to come to the conclusion that Mr. Song did not “deny the Nanjing Massacre”, nor did he even “deny the figure of 300,000 deaths” in the strict sense, but the number . Regret” was not supported by rigorous records and was questioned. Arrow_forward_ios了解更多 Powered by. Her statement is not without controversy. For example, she talked about researching “identity numbers”, but in 1937, there was no such thing at all.

For example, she said that “300,000 people were roughly estimated from one person’s notes. After liberation, Chinese historians found the words of one of them, and 300,000 people were used as materials for the Nanjing Massacre

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