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They use hover effects to help keep things organized, but also help explain each service. Everyone has a great CTA that offers potential clients an offer. 30. South Side The homepage of the site is very simple, with a black and white color scheme. There’s a ton of written text, but it’s well-spaced, with plenty of white space around each paragraph. Plus, there are big, bold headers that show what’s coming next. There is a Google map at the bottom of the page, and a phone number to get in touch with the company.

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The page is very simple, making it easy for potential customers to browse the information and get what they need. 25. Hans Nombach Roofing & Tuckpointing Hans Nombach’s website design is clean and easy to read. Potential customers can easily navigate and discover company information through the many links at the top of the page. Despite the Macedonia Phone Number wealth of information available, the text is well broken down and carefully placed around different visuals and bright bold reds. 26. Roofing Companies Chicagoland This site has a section on their homepage that shows exactly what they do. They don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Additionally, they highlight important information in bright yellow.

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Chicago opts for something you don’t normally see, a 24/7 emergency repair option. This is a great option to ensure that potential customers can resolve issues as quickly as possible when they encounter them. 29. The Gallagher Brothers The Gallagher Bros website is very clean and attractive. If your roof is damaged, there is a problem right away with a free inspection. There are two different locations, so they made sure to separate them well. This company doesn’t just do roofs, they do a great job of showing what they do.

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