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The more you know about JS. Therefore, the more aware you are of writing clean and lightweight code. I recommend checking out the Kyle Simpsons You Don’t Know JS series, or a series of courses on Frontend Masters. 5. Optimized Scroll Drivers Scroll handles are one of the most attractive features that browsers offer.  Therefore, Unfortunately, they are also one of the most dangerous. Scroll Jank is one of the most noticeable and unappealing side effects of misusing the scroll controller. Narrative does a lot of things on scroll: scroll reveal animations, sticky header, sticky elements, and lazy loading images. We want to make sure that the combined weight of these scrolls doesn’t cause a noticeable crash and that our page continues to run at a smooth 60 frames per second.

Paul Lewis talks about this at length in his article Debounce Your Input Handlers. Collaboration of designers and developers Narrative’s designer, Guillaume Granger, focused on designing Narrative with a feature-rich home page, capable of telling a product’s story. Intrinsically, the demand for an effective experience was even more important Kazakhstan B2B List due to the weight these additional features could inflict. Developer collaboration throughout the design phase of Narrative was critical to its success. Ensuring that designs were effectively feasible was equally important to both parties. As Guillaume said: “All the attention invested in creating an extraordinary experience falls apart if the execution is not perfect.

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Performance and browser compatibility cannot be sacrificed.” All the attention invested in creating an extraordinary experience falls apart if the execution is not perfect. Performance and browser compatibility cannot be sacrificed. Guillaume Granger, designer, narrative theme The result was a heightened awareness of which parts of the narrative needed to focus extra attention on performance and design alterations to ensure effective behavior.  Therefore, Guillaume writes about one of these alterations related to the featured slider section in his article, Creating a Narrative: Shopify’s New Storytelling Theme. Mark Zeman, the founder of SpeedCurve, has talked a lot about the designer’s role in creating an effective digital experience.


He highly recommend watching some of his talks and sharing them with other designers. One talk that I found particularly interesting is Delivering Fast and Rich User Experiences. You may also in: Getting Started with Slate in 4 Simple Steps. Make the biggest impact There is no standard solution when it comes to web performance. Each project brings its own unique set of performance bottlenecks, which must be individually assessed. With the right tools, you can find the biggest performance bottlenecks in your project. Collaborate with other disciplines and help level your work based on performance. Once you’ve found your project’s performance bottlenecks, remember to consider the following.

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Create a performance budget with your team so you have a goal. Collect performance data frequently. Explore and study performance metrics and their fundamental components. Experiment with different solutions to the same problem. Therefore, Prioritize the impact level of a solution. Share your performance discoveries with your peers. Collaborate with other disciplines and help level your work based on performance. What are the main performance bottlenecks of your theme? Tell us in the comments section below!Curious to find out who will be speaking. Therefore,  teaching, and inspiring at this year’s A Day with Shopify? Today, we’re excited to announce the speakers for A Day with Shopify 2017.

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