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I would encourage you to discover different voices in the industry that resonate with you, both on the affiliate side and the advertiser side. Learning from different perspectives will help give you better insights and strategies on how to be successful.  Therefore, Here are some leaders I follow: Adam Riemer – With over a decade in the online marketing space and too many articles written and talks to count, Adam started his blog to better connect with his followers. Therefore, Through his blog, he educates affiliates, bloggers, and search engine marketers on his tricks of the trade. John Crestani – In the span of a few short years, John Crestani has built an empire in the affiliate marketing space. John offers a fantastic step by step training program on how to become a successful affiliate marketer using free web traffic sources.

Luke Peerfly — Starting with blogging in 2006. Kling has reached millions of people around the world through his online posts. Luke is now the Director of Marketing for PeerFly.  A CPA network, where he and his team manage a publisher base of nearly 60,000 active affiliate marketers.  Helping them make more money online. Matt McWilliams – In his more than a decade of work as an affiliate marketer.  Consultant, and online Paraguay B2B List entrepreneur, Matt McWilliams has helped.  Numerous businesses in a wide range of industries build intimate.  Relationships with their clients and target audiences. Between his blog, podcast, think tank, and training. Therefore, There are endless ways to learn from Matt to build his affiliate marketing business. Oscar González – Since purchasing his first domain in 1996.

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Oscar González has been a constant learner and has made a living using, teaching, and supporting all aspects of technology. He is an internet marketer and trainer who turns his knowledge and experience into money by helping companies develop their marketing strategies. He offers blog posts, guides, and 1:1 coaching covering everything from making money to online marketing, even food and wine! Stephanie Robbins – With over 20 years of digital marketing experience, Stephanie Robbins has a proven track record of success.  Therefore, She helps brands connect with niche online influencers to gradually increase revenue through affiliate programs, without cannibalizing existing sales.


Stephanie represents a few select brands that she can authentically promote to the affiliate community that trusts her. Shopify Apps If you want to launch your own affiliate program or are building a store for a Shopify merchant who wants to launch a program without a network, check out one of these apps below to get started: LeadDyno – LeadDyno is one of the leading affiliate marketing Shopify apps. LeadDyno offers seamless integration with Shopify stores and is highly customizable. Therefore, For example, you can pay your affiliates automatically or with “one-click” approval using Paypal, Dwolla or even Coinbase with LeadDyno calculating and paying affiliate commissions for you.

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Refersion – Refersion offers an incredibly powerful affiliate referral platform. It is one of the most popular. Therefore, Shopify apps for affiliate marketing, with over 100 reviews and a five-star rating. Its popularity is due in part to its scalability: start with a free plan. Therefore,  And as you see the need to expand your affiliate offers, you can upgrade to a paid plan. You may also like: 6 Tips for Creating Great Web Copy That Converts. Additional Resources Below.  I’ve highlighted a few resources and links that don’t necessarily fit into one of the general topics. Therefore, But are nonetheless valuable to any affiliate marketer worth their salt. Read and see what could help boost your affiliate marketing business. Associations Performance. Therefore, Marketing Association is the trade association for the affiliated industry.

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