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That is, as long as you use relevant hashtags, your posts will be seen not only by your existing followers, but also by the entire Instagram community, or more specifically, those looking for posts tagged with Hong Kong Phone Number you member. If you’re a brand and looking for more exposure, properly tagging your Instagram posts should be your top priority. Here are some tips you might find useful. Research niche and product related hashtags Your choice of hashtag keywords depends first and foremost on your niche and the products/services you offer. Think about which words best describe your brand and products.

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But remember, keywords must not only be accurate, but also relevant. This means that Instagram users should actually use them to search for items you offer. The category of relevance is very vague and volatile: what is relevant today may become irrelevant tomorrow. This is why good research never hurts. The idea is to find niche and product specific keywords Hong Kong Phone Number that are the perfect match for your business. To determine which hashtags should work for your brand, start with the Instagram app. There is a built-in tool that lets you search for hashtags. Just enter your hashtag keyword and you’ll see a list of related hashtags that you may eventually find suitable for you. Also, you can find some really effective hashtags using online tools like .

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Use unique hashtags Unique hashtags are especially important for building a brand image on Instagram. Unlike regular keywords related to a specific niche or product that anyone can use, unique hashtags are designed to Hong Kong Phone Number specifically define your brand. For this reason, they are sometimes called branded labels. Additionally, branded tags allow you to track customer-generated content that you can use for marketing purposes. A brand label can be just your brand name. If you have a short and memorable tagline, it can also effectively turn into a hashtag. You are free to come up with any ideas you like.

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