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With the first -enabled multi-token crypto wallet. Loyalty rewards points clearinghouse and travel club on the is providing consumers with greater efficiency, liquidity and travel savings. Gozo co-creator  will share with us the Gozo project and the opportunities available in this interview.

I’m Roy Labban, a computer scientist specializing in computer simulation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, and currently the co-creator of Gozo.

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I mention my educations because they are at the heart of my career. And my passion for higher education to empower the next generation of change-makers.

In addition to Gozo, I recently founded FullStack Academy, a coding bootcamp focused on AI and blockchain. I go on to serve as a university lecturer in artificial intelligence and computer. Simulation courses, and as an advisory board member for several computer science programs.

All of these experiences — including living and studying across multiple continents. And over 300 international trips — not only made me feel like a citizen of the world. But had a major impact on the creation of GOZO by my partner and me.

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It Also Provides a Hedge for Investments

Let’s start by turning that around – ask your audience especially travelers. How many different hotel rewards or frequent flyer programs do you belong to?” These are huge drivers of business in this industry. Nonetheless – and it really strikes me – about $360 billion in loyalty rewards points go unredeemed each year. Per year.

Gozo will turn this around, helping consumers maximize. The value of their loyalty rewards program with an industry-first blockchain-enabled multi-token crypto wallet. Loyalty rewards points clearinghouse and travel club.

Basically, we’ll help consumers consolidate all of their loyalty rewards programs (hotels, airlines, even credit cards) into one easy-to-use platform so they can aggregate, track, store, exchange and redeem loyalty rewards points . Users can exchange their points between loyalty rewards partners hotels.

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