Bayesian or Frequentist Statistics

Take the opportunity to be recognized for your great work and establish yourself as an industry leader.Below are the results of this email for the last 30 days. Some people may look at these numbers and think that they are comparatively small and not worth setting. I agree that yes, the number of purchases from this email is small compared to the first two emails, but the point of this email is not JUST to sell… it is also to establish trust and authority with the prospect. When done right, this email makes subsequent emails in the sequence even more powerful. “When done right, this email makes subsequent emails in the sequence even more powerful.” abandoned cart email.

Results 3 Analysis (last 30 days) Waiting 182 Delivered 1.36K open range 34.9% click rate 9.7% Order Placed Rate 1.0% Income $1.19K Email #4 Shipping time: Four days after abandoning the cart. Subject: Get 10% off all BOOM! products  Cyprus B2B List Purpose: Convert non-buyers. Discount offer. abandoned cart email: 4 At this point, four days have passed since they abandoned the shopping cart. To apply further pressure to close this sale, we started our discount ladder and offered the prospect a 10 percent discount on their purchase. Note that we put an expiration on the discount; Not only does this give us an extra reason to send an email (to let people know that the discount is about to expire).

It Is  Only the Statistics That

But it also makes the discount campaign work significantly better. According to psychologist Dan Ariely, fostering a sense of urgency by setting strict deadlines is a very effective way to overcome procrastination. You may also be interested in: Why Every Shopify Store Needs a Marketing and Sales Funnel. Below are the results of this email for the last 30 days. This email has nearly five times the revenue of the previous email! abandoned cart email: results 4 Analysis (last 30 days) Waiting 365 Delivered 1.27K open range 32.7% click rate 9.6% Order Placed Rate 5.0% Income $5K Email #5 Shipping time: Five days after abandoning the cart. Subject.

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My live makeover and makeup demo. Purpose: Story, social proof, educate about the brand. And establish authority. abandoned cart email.  In this email, we don’t mention the discount from the previous email.  But reconnect with the potential customer through the product-owned benefit content. Notice how we alternate between direct “question” emails.  Where we ask for the sale, and content/informational emails. We try to add value and help the user make a decision. This email links to a landing page with content, rather than linking to the cart. Abandoned cart email: landing page These are the results of the last 30 days. Abandoned cart email: results 5 Analysis (last 30 days) Waiting 454 Delivered 1.48K open range 28.0% click rate 11.3% Order Placed Rate 0.8% Income $784.32 Email

Ensure the Validity of Your Results

Shipping time: Six days after abandoning the cart. Subject: Last Chance 10% Off Boom! Purpose: Convert non-buyers. Discount offer. abandoned cart email: 6 In this email, we combine our urgent discount offer. We inform the prospect that this is his last chance to claim this discount if he is still interested. The results are undeniable: abandoned cart email: results 6 Analysis (last 30 days) Waiting 517 Delivered 1.04K open range 27.3% click rate 7.5% Order Placed Rate 3.4% Income $3.25K At this point, we’ve sent six emails in six days and recovered a lot of abandoned carts because of it. Based on my experience setting up similar sequences for literally hundreds of stores, I would suggest this number of emails as a minimum to send. If you want to go the extra mile.

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