100 Years of Bauhaus: What Today’s Famous Logos Would Look Like

It’s minimal. It’s functional. After a hundred years, Bauhaus design continues to inspire artists, graphic designers and architects across the globe. It outlasted a century’s worth of competing styles, survived the initial criticisms from traditionalists, Iran WhatsApp Number List and although the Nazis shut down the institution in 1933, the Bauhaus movement itself lives on to this day. Adidas logo in Bauhaus design style Logo designed by Jaseng99 And 2019 marks the 100th anniversary since this one-of-a-kind design revolution first started. To celebrate its impact, both then and now.

Aside From Being Fun, Educational

We’ve asked our community of graphic designers to reimagine. But the most popular logos of today in the Bauhaus design style. Aside from being fun, educational and demonstrative of their skill, what our designers created just goes to show how the timeless principles of Bauhaus design still hold up after all this time. What is Bauhaus? — The full history of Bauhaus design is as elaborate and colorful as the prevailing styles it unseated. To keep it short, here’s a quick, minimalist overview of the necessities, in true Bauhaus style. Bauhaus design signet The Bauhaus signet reflects many of the movement’s principles.

World Was Abuzz With the Latest

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Iran WhatsApp Number List

Then A minimalist approach, geometric leanings, plain colors, no embellishments, and a pleasing aesthetic. The time was 1919. The world was abuzz with the latest new tech disruptor—electricity—and it was changing the way everyday people lived their lives. Thanks to electricity and the industrial revolution, mass production quickly became the new norm. Artists were worried this new way of manufacturing was the end of art as we knew it, but a small community in Weimar, Germany, saw the situation from a different angle. Walter Gropius founded.

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