Balance 101: How to Use Symmetry and Asymmetry in Design

Successful graphic designers know that mastering the visual concept of balance is the key to effective communication. When your designs achieve balance—which can happen with both symmetrical and asymmetrical designs—they’ll achieve Denmark WhatsApp Number List greater harmony, and your audience will use less energy taking in the information. Understanding symmetry vs. asymmetry isn’t difficult, but getting it just right can be tricky at first. That’s why we’re going to go through a few examples to ensure everything is crystal clear. What is visual balance? And what is symmetry?

Anything That Isn’t Symmetrical

Symmetry and balance are related. But they’re not quite the same thing. Take a look at their definitions: Symmetry is the visual quality of repeating parts of an image across an axis, along a path or around a center. Asymmetry, on the other hand, refers to anything that isn’t symmetrical. Balance is the visual principle of making a design appear equally weighted throughout the composition. Balance measures the visual weight of your composition, which impacts how much each element attracts your audience’s attention. There are four basic ways to achieve balance: Symmetrical balance Symmetrical balance occurs when your composition has the same visual weight on each side of an axis. Imagine perfect mirror images looking at each other around a central axis.

Unequal Weight on Both Sides

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Yellow dog logo By artsigma Simple gold logo By vraione Meadowbrook Dental logo By sami222 This type of balance evokes gracefulness and simplicity. It’s pleasing to look at, but also very predictable. Asymmetrical balance A composition with unequal weight on both sides has asymmetrical balance. Munchies logo Geometric bird logo More visually interesting than its symmetrical counterpart, this visual technique has a large focal point on one side with several, less significant focal points on the other. Radial balance When visual elements radiate out of a common center point, this is called radial balance. Imagine rays of sunlight emanating from the sun. Alba Orthodonics logo Geometric colored logo Nectar Garden logo Mosaic balance .

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