Ask for Specific Types of Feedback

The dreaded moment cannot be postponed any longer. So how do you collect customer feedback the right way? You may also be interested in: How to Give Good Creative Feedback. 3. Control the feedback process Things can go wrong, even when you present your design well. That’s because we can lose control of the feedback process. This is especially true when dealing with more than one stakeholder. Avoid group discussions If you are presenting the design to a group of people, do not start a conversation about the design in the room. This is because the group will have different opinions. This leads them to discuss compromises. At this point, you lose control of the design and everything becomes design by committee. How to convince others of your design.

Avoid group discussions Avoid group discussions about your design, as you will lose control of your direction. If possible, present the design to the interested parties one at a time. If that’s not possible, suggest feedback to people after they’ve had time to consider it. This means that they are not discussing it as a group in the meeting. Also, encourage each of them to send feedback Burundi B2B List to you, not your primary point of contact. Make sure all comments get to you A common mistake I see designers make is that they ask the client to collect all feedback from internal stakeholders and then send it to you. This creates two problems: You fail to understand the thinking behind the comments. You do not have the opportunity to question the comments. But there is also a great advantage in speaking individually with interested parties.

Make Sure All Comments Get to You

It means that you are the only person who knows all the comments. It allows you to pick and choose which comments it acts on and which it ignores. Another way to control feedback is to ask specific questions. Ask for specific types of feedback Never ask a client what they think of a design. If you do, they will give you their personal opinion and that does not serve to improve the design. Instead, ask them specific questions. This will ensure that the feedback you receive is really helpful. Never ask a client what they think of a design. If you do, they will give you their personal opinion and that does not serve to improve the design. How to convince others of your design: Customer opinion Never ask a client what they think of a design. He will only get personal opinion from him.


The exact questions you ask will vary by project. But there are three that you should always include: Does this final design reflect the work we did together in the development process? Will this design help the organization achieve its business goals? Does this design meet the needs of your target audience? If the client answers yes to all three questions, they have little reason to reject the design. It may not “fit” them, they may want to modify it, but you have shown that you have complied. no magic formula Let me be honest. The tips in this article don’t always work. Sometimes you come across people determined to micromanage design. Certain design will meet your personal preferences.

No Magic Formula

But these people are much rarer than you think. Most of the time, with careful management, you can avoid endless iterations. You can end up with a design that you are proud of and that the client appreciates. What do you think of our strategies? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!It requires a lot of time, energy and money; however, many apps lose most of those hard-earned users immediately after their first experience. According to Andrew Chen’s research, “The average app loses 77 percent of its daily active users within the first three days of installation.” Companies put a lot of effort into acquiring new users, only to lose most of them immediately after the first use. Are these low retention rates the result of botched apps? In some cases the answer is yes. But not always.

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