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The ROI of the Google AdWords Malta Phone Number campaigns has improve since then. Nuon has set up an online marketing department. That sits on top of the SEA activities: analyses, evaluations and adjustments are made. Due to all Malta Phone Number the successes in the field of SEA, the online marketing department is increasingly ask ‘if I give you more budget, how many sales can you achieve?’ This question was never Malta Phone Number aske three years ago. cross pollination An important lesson for Nuon is that there is cross-fertilization between campaigns for different energy products.

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It often happens that a visitor from Malta Phone Number the energy campaign, for example, purchases an HR boiler. This led to adjustments in the management, measurement and budget allocation of the SEA campaigns. Nuon puts the SEA budget of all products and business units in one pot and each product marketer Malta Phone Number pays afterwards for the leads or sales that have been realise. Respond to offline Nuon also links the SEA activities to the offline business operations. For example, local targeting Malta Phone Number is use within and outside the Nuon supply area. Nuon also links the SEA campaigns to advisers’ appointment calendars.


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Are the advisors in Amsterdam, for example, full Malta Phone Number for a while? Then Nuon will bring the SEA campaigns back there and expand them from areas with an empty agenda. In addition, Nuon uses the AdWords Sitelinks to additionally promote products that fall short of sales targets. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Three Malta Phone Number years ago, SEO was not include, but thanks to the successes of SEA, Nuon has also made investments in people and resources for SEO. Until recently, SEO improvements were still Malta Phone Number implemente on an ad hoc basis, but Nuon is now implementing adjustments on a systematic basis.

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