As far as the potential economic benefits China can bring

As far as the potential economic benefits China can bring, it is probably difficult for any member state to refuse.

A 2019 report by the Peterson Institute of International Economics, a Washington Kazakhstan Phone Number think tank, pointed out that the CPTPPwhile the real income of many Member States could even increase by more than 1 per cent.

Among them, the first to bear the brunt is the high

standard of CPTPP.integration, and it requires the unanimous consent of all members to join, which makes China’s application difficult.

In the article, Jeff Schott, a senior researcher at the Peterson Institute, an American think tank, believes tha many ways. The difference in thresholds is huge.

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He pointed out that although China has made

significant progress in intellectual property rights and investment rights in recent years, the strong market dominance of state-owned enterprises, the poor labor rights situation, and the great room for improvement in data privacy are all weaknesses that China needs to strengthen.

In particular, China’s treatment of state-owned enterprises is often a source of headache for trading partners. Vietnam and , and to improve the transparency of operations and enterprises.

In addition, Mireya Solis, senior researcher of East Asian studies at the Brookings Institute, a Washington think tank, also pointed out in an on the 23rd that the core rules of the CPTPP are not the same as China’s commitment to other trade agreements. Commitments make a huge difference. For example, the CPTPP regulations have high requirements for state-owned enterprises and labor rights, while RCEP, which was added last year, does not. In addition, in e-commerce, although CPTPP and RCEP have regulations on this, the standards required by the two are quite different.

The second difficulty in China’s CPTPP application is foreign relations.

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