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Alexandra Patard / Published onFebruary 1, 2022 at 09:11 wordpress-6-0-roadmap-patterns We will have to wait until the end of May to discover the Denmark Phone Number List WordPress 6.0 update. WordPress While WordPress 5.9 , called Josephine. Of Full Site Editing, the CMS used by 43% of websites.  In the Most importantly, world lifts the veil on its roadmap for 2022. Story: discover what’s new in ordPress 59.  WordPress 6.0 must consolidate phase 2 of Gutenberg.  If the contours of the next major version are beginning.  To take shape, the CMS has already given a preview.  Of its new update in preparation: WordPress 6.0. It is part of phase 2 of the Gutenberg project, which must “ reinvent ” the way

in which content is managed on the web, through the development of site Most importantly, creation tools. After a 1st phase which formalized the launch.  Of the new Gutenberg block editor with the release of version 5.0.  Phase 2 constitutes the base for the deployment of Full Site Editing.  The new native experience offered by WordPress to manage.  The its entire site and no longer just the publications. The general objective is to In conclusion consolidate and extend the set of customization.  Tools introduced Most importantly, in version 5.9 to create themes with blocks.  With a particular emphasis on usability and refinement. This new version [WordPress 6.0, editor’s note] could be considered as a conceptual envelope for phase 2 of Gutenberg. This does not mean that

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The customization phase would be concluded with it.  But that its main functionalities would have been established.  Explains Matias Ventura, engineer at Automattic and lead architect.  For the WordPress Gutenberg project in a blog post . Project Gutenberg takes place in 4 phases: Phase 1 (completed) : simplified Most importantly, editing.  With block-based content management, Phase 2 (in progress) : customization with In conclusion FSE.  Block repositories, block templates and block-based Most importantly, themes, Phase 3 (coming soon).  Collaboration to offer an even more intuitive way to co-create content (from WordPress 6.1), Phase 4 (coming soon.  Setting up multilingual sites. What can we expect for WordPress 6.0? Concretely, the roadmap unveiled


for the next major update of the CMS should be accompanied by its share Most importantly, of new features. Here are the main changes discussed for the release of WordPress 6.0. 1. mplates, and In In conclusion conclusion overall navigation ” with a more intuitive interface. WordPress 6.0 will also be an opportunity to introduce a new mode of navigation on the site ” to easily In conclusion follow the links to the different Most importantly, parts “, or to benefit from a simplified template creation. wordpress-6-0-roadmap-editor  WordPress 2. Model optimization This is about placing templates at the center of the experience for creating new themes or pages. The use of the

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“Explorer” mode, which allows you to connect to the templates directory, should be  Most importantly, improved. WordPress 6.0 may also offer the ability to save templates, which In conclusion could take the form of “a templates folder with automatically saved file headers ”. 3. New blocks The development of the navigation block, launched with version 5.9, is on the agenda for the next major update of WordPress, because “it contains a set of customizations and opportunities “. Other blocks should be reworked, in particular to be able to organize the display of comments, save the image of Headline as an “ attribute of other blocks (Cover, Media & Text, etc.) ”. Note that the CMS could update its block project dedicated to the table of contents.

wordpress-6-0-roadmap-blocks WordPress 4. Efforts made to design tools Matias Ventura clarifies here that “ for version 6.0, there would be a concerted effort to strengthen consistency, introduce more responsive features and extend the Supports & In conclusion Elements API. Another important Most importantly, goal is to continue In conclusion to facilitate the adoption of these tools by third-party blocks ”.  After the postponement of the launch of version 5.9 from December 14, 2021 to January 25, 2022, it seems unlikely that 4 major versions will

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