App Tells You What Alcoholic Beverages

The state monopoly of stores that Hong Kong Phone Number List sells alcohol at retail in Sweden called system bola get has just launched an interesting application that calculates in real time the type of drink and the amount that can be drunk so as not to exceed the level at which the effects alcohol positives are at an all time high. The function of this monopoly of stores is to encourage responsible consumption of alcohol and that is why they have developed level 0.06 , an application available free of charge for iPhone.

Which uses the Hong Kong Phone Number List personal information provided the user, registers the drinks consumed and keeps real-time blood alcohol count. In this way, the user can then select between the options proposed by the application, as well as the time at which he can do so, to maintain the level of 0.06, the one that allows him to continue enjoying another drink. Comparatively, without overdoing it or suffering the negative effects of its consumption. The app also allows you to compare the consumption made by the user on previous occasions.

The Number of New Possibilities for Committing

The Karolinska instituted medical university, its use would have contributed to Hong Kong Phone number reducing the consumption of alcoholic beverages by 24%.No one disputes the countless advantages obtained by opening a profile on the most popular social networks: Facebook , twitter , LinkedIn , foursquare, etc. From daily communication with friends and family. The speed with which news spreads around the world. The brand positioning of companies. Moreover, Proximity to consumers, customer loyalty. lead generation. Identification of opportunities for business. Offer goods and services,. Study the consumption habits of customers, etc.

The Options Proposed by the Application

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What is debatable is the number of new possibilities for committing various types of Hong Kong Phone Number List crimes. The criminals of the digital age are capable. Of circumventing the most advanced security. Systems in order to obtain. Uniquely, Type of personal identifiable information. From millions of users around the world. Governments are warning their citizens about how vulnerable they. Similarly, become by posting personal data on the internet. Crimes in cyberspace can take many forms.

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