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They are very clear that there are 5 locations and show a map of all 5 locations at the bottom. 15. Downtown Chiropractic Clinic This site has a lot of information, but they handle it well with some separators, pictures and Finland Phone Number bold headers. They share their contact information at the top and bottom of the page. They share a ton of comments on the scrolling slider at the bottom of the page. Also, they have a google map so people know where they are. 16. Adjust well Well, Adjusted has a simple layout design with lots of white space.

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Also, many links for visitors to click looking for more information. The blue color scheme combined with the white space makes the design very pleasing to the eye. Their phone numbers and email addresses are at the Finland Phone Number top of the page. 17. Nokomis Chiropractic The site features a very popular picture of team presentations. Also, the purple color scheme works well and catches your eye. They build trust by sharing that they’ve been helping people for over 30 years and sharing reviews and testimonials right away.

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The brand’s introduction has a great video integration. They offer many different services, so at the top they have categories of different services to easily get to where you want to go. 18. Pure Health Pure Health has a bright color Finland Phone Number scheme. Yellow, green and blue stand out and grab your attention. The site makes it easy to reach them via a bright yellow link at the top of the page, phone numbers for both locations, and a live chat option. In addition to the addresses and phone numbers of these locations, there is a map showing their locations. 19. Wallingford family This chiropractic website is clean and attractive. They use lots of boxes and catchy headings to separate information and keep everything organized.

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