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You just started working as a freelancer. Your first potential customer is on the phone and asks, “What’s your rate?” Sounds like the simplest question in the world. But judging your own monetary value is something that new freelance web designers and developers can find extremely difficult. As a consequence, they usually start out charging too little. “The biggest mistake freelancers make, especially young freelancers, is underestimating their experience,” said Tiny Books web designer, educator and publisher Chris Murphy. “The older and more experienced you are, the more your time is worth. But even a recent graduate with some real-world experience deserves to be paid a fair rate.” And setting low rates doesn’t just mean you can lose money on business transactions.

“If you price too low, you also run the risk of looking like a ‘cheap’ service or of being taken advantage of,” said developer and consultant Sally Jenkinson. So how do you calculate your freelance fee? We asked several successful freelance web designers for advice. Here are his seven best tips. template icon Growth Volume 3: Building a Profitable Web Design France Mobile Number Database Business Get your free copy of Grow Volume 3: Building a Profitable Web Design Business delivered to your inbox. Email Enter your email address Get a free copy By entering your email, we will also send you marketing emails related to Shopify. You can unsubscribe at any time. Note: the guide will not be sent to role-based emails such as etc. Our virtual gears are turning. Please note that it may take up to 15 minutes for our email to reach your inbox.

7 Tips for Calculating Your Freelance

Research the market The first thing you should do is get a general idea of ​​what people are getting paid and what you can expect to earn at your location based on your skills and experience. There may be data out there that can help. For example, the web design agency Our Name is Mud publishes an annual survey of freelance rates for different areas. But most of your research will probably involve talking to other web designers and developers in your area and getting their input. “When I started freelancing, I got a taste of the market from reading various freelancing specifications,” said UX designer and founder of and UX Fika, Anna Dahlstrom. “I also asked someone I really respected and trusted for advice on what my rate should be, based on my experience and the type of work I had done.”

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Remember, though, that not all jobs are created equal. “Find out what the market rate is for someone with your experience, but also what the going rate is with the companies you want to work with,” added Dahlstrom. “If it’s a project you really want to do, then accept a lower rate if that’s all they can offer. In the end, it should be about the client and the work and not about the money.” However, the ‘current rate’ is only half of the equation. Also, you need… You may also be interested in: Why should freelancers worry about accounting? 2. Calculate what you need There is no point in simply copying what others are charging if you are not going to make enough money to support your current lifestyle.

Research the Market

Therefore, a vital part of calculating your freelancing fee is being honest.  With yourself and calculating how much you really need. I would recommend anyone start by doing a simple analysis of how much.  You would need to earn annually to have a comfortable life. Work from that to factor in holidays, possible sick spells.  And times when you don’t have a job, and.  You should soon have an idea of ​​what a day is worth. I would recommend anyone start out with a simple analysis.  Of how much you would need to earn annually to live comfortably,” said web designer Murphy. Work from that to account for holidays, possible sick spells and times when you don’t have a job.  And you should soon have an idea of ​​what a day is worth.” Remember to include all the things that are normally. In your salary, like taxes, pension contributions, etc,”

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