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With a brush, such as watercolors, acrylic paints and any type of ink, brush tip markers that have the same effect as inks. , although with an instant result as it does not have to dry. Vintage calligraphy, chalk lettering. Chalk lettering combines different fonts, from the simplest to the most complicated, as well as the use of different sizes and thicknesses. This type of design has a very special support, the blackboard, so the material used to draw it is chalk or chalk markers, so it is a very intuitive and free technique to execute without fear of making mistakes, since you can easily delete and start over.

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In addition, this type of lettering is usually drawn on banners and accompanieby floral drawings. The results of this type of lettering provide a somewhat vintage touch, both due to the type of stroke that is usually used and the texture provid by the support and the material. Attractive Latvia Phone Number calligraphy, hand lettering. Hand lettering, of which we could say that it is the most artistic and free branch of lettering, to the point of becoming a bit chaotic, although very attractive and striking results are obtain., which will blatantly draw the attention of the public.

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Latvia Phone Number

Technically this type of lettering mixes words made up of uppercase and straight letters. In a very vertical composition with words made up of lowercase and cursive letters. Which add dynamism and sweetness to the hardness of straight letters. But rather we find both together and they are even duplicat. To create compositions with greater depth and artistic load.

Just as you play with the sizes you also play with the color. The type of stroke the texture and even the materials. Attractive calligraphy, hand lettering. We finished?… If you liked what you’ve read, don’t hesitate and get on with it. There are a thousand ways to start with lettering and plenty of manuals to inspire you. And if you want to continue deepening in graphic design from digital magazine. We propose some articles that you will find very interesting. Wayfinding or spatial orientation system: what is it about? Pocket photo

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