Advanced Hand Lettering Tutorial: Quotes and Sentences

Have you ever looked at a hand lettered piece of art and wondered. How the artist created such a perfect layout and design? Well, you’re in the right place because in this step-by-step advanced hand lettering tutorial. We’re going to take a look at Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List how to create beautiful compositions for long sentences and quotations. Layout example Colorful and playful piece using a simple composition by Andrea Stan Before you dive in. Make sure you read our tutorial on the basics of hand lettering. Here’s a quick recap of what that guide covers. What is hand lettering and how can it be used. The anatomy and construction of letters The basic lettering styles (serif, sans serif and script) How to add shadow, dimension, details and decorative elements.

You’ll Find the Process Fun and Creative

How to bring personality and emotion to your designs But hand lettering does not only consist of always drawing single letters or words. Often times you’ll want to draw your favorite quote or song lyric. Or you might be commissioned to draw an even longer sentence. As intimidating as that can be, I assure you that once you get the hang of it, you’ll find the process fun and creative!  Layout example by Belinda Kou Layout example Such a simple but beautiful composition by Colleen Tracey Layout example Intricate composition by Cyla Costa using many styles but having color to tie.

Accentuate All the Wrong

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Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List

It all together Layout example Beautiful piece that uses a well balanced composition by Lisa Quine. But The rules of advanced hand lettering. Hierarchy First thing you want to do after choosing your sentence is look at your words and try to establish a hierarchy. You will want to EMPHASIZE the RIGHT WORDS in order to MAKE your piece EASILY UNDERSTOOD. Otherwise, IF YOU accentuate ALL the wrong words, THE reader WILL get disoriented AND your message will lose ITS power. (See what I did there?) You can emphasize words with a few different techniques.

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