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Don’t assume your front-end developers will be able to handle it. Make sure you have staff who can handle the project or find people to help you. For example, our agency does not have much experience working with MYOB, an Australian inventory management software. So, we recently partnered with another Shopify Expert who was able to offer a custom MYOB integration for one of our clients. There are several ways to offer a wholesale channel on Shopify, depending on the scope of the project. Shopify scripts Why it’s great: Shopify Plus stores can create fully customizable pricing rules, custom payment options, and shipping options at checkout. Therefore,  Considerations: Shopify Scripts can only be edited by a developer with Ruby skills. wholesale channel Why it’s great.

A sales channel built into Shopify Plus that lets you create a password-protected wholesale store with easy-to-manage pricing rules. It uses the same inventory as your Shopify store. Considerations: When a customer places an order, it is created Taiwan WhatsApp Number List as a draft order so that the admin can review it and make changes before sending an invoice. discount codes Why it’s great. Therefore,  Great for businesses that process small and medium-sized wholesale orders that have uniform discount rules. Customers tagged as wholesalers may have a discount code applied at checkout. Considerations: Only one discount code can be applied to an order, so you cannot use wholesale discounts in conjunction with other promotions.

Scaling Your Business

Applications Why it’s great: Cheap, easy to install, requires minimal custom development. Considerations: Some applications may create new variants for products with different price points, which may make inventory management impossible. Other apps use discount codes (see considerations above). Multi stores Why it’s great: Keeps wholesale and retail stores completely separate, allowing you to post different products and content to create a unique customer experience for wholesale customers. Considerations: Requires inventory management software if both stores draw from a central inventory. If you want to offer different pricing tiers, you may need custom development or apps. catching up Each project scope activity is an opportunity to define clear goals and objectives.


Focusing on achieving higher order value, increased operational efficiency, and a better customer experience. As part of our process, we are always looking at how we can simplify. The scope of the project so that we can deliver a solution.  That makes life easier for the business and the customer. Your project scope begins with the broader questions asked above. And then assesses your client’s needs in terms of the essential components of a B2B website. Mapping the essentials Each project will have its own specific requirements and challenges.  It’s important to know about them up front to ensure you can deliver the best solution. Consider the following outreach questions/topics: Does your client want/need multiple business models on the same platform?

Building Your Business With Shopify

Consider whether there are multi-site, multi-country, multi-language, and multi-currency requirements. Does your customer need merchandising business tools to personalize the product catalog experience, upsell, cross-sell, or automated recommendations? Map the essential components of an eCommerce site such as shopping cart, login, customer dashboards, profile access, etc. Analyze your customer’s needs for search rules, live search, product filters, result sets, endless scrolling vs pagination, etc. Identify your product display and filtering requirements, for example, display and interaction with search and sort product results with faceted navigation. Define product catalog requirements, looking at the type of products supported, simple, configurable, bundled, custom, bundled, kitted, etc.

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