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But even then, Google will optimize itself. We soon UAE Phone Number saw that. Google itself has made a YouTube video of our enter content, including a nice background music (turn on your sound!): Results Performance Max We set up Performance Max for 4 customers (3 webshops and 1 website with lead objectives) and even during the ‘learning phase’ that the algorithm UAE Phone Number nes, we already achiev a much better ROI with the webshops. On average even an increase of 122%! We have mapp the data from 3 webshops over the 3 full days that we are now testing Performance Max: First results Performance Max First results Performance Max – 3 webshops For a website that UAE Phone Number focuses on customer appointments and sending leads, Performance Max score significantly worse.

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The Cost per lead (CPL) was more UAE Phone Number than 5 times higher here: First results Performance Max – lead First results Performance Max – lead What stands out? There is a clear difference between how Performance Max performs for webshops – campaigns where a data fe with products is also active – and the generation of leads for customer UAE Phone Number appointments. For customer D, we will leave Performance Max active, but with a lower daily budget so that the average CPL over the Google Ads costs remains good. At the 3 web shops we are now increasing the daily budgets a bit and we are keeping a close eye on the performance. For webshops, we have place Performance UAE Phone Number Max next to Google Shopping and Smart.

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Shopping, because both campaign types UAE Phone Number work with a data fe and smart bids (either target ROAS or via Smart Bidding). For the website that focuses on customer appointments, we have plac Performance Max next to the text advertising UAE Phone Number campaigns. Even with a perfectly develop data feand a good campaign set-up, we did not always achieve a good ROI for the first webshop (Customer A). Performance Max will wipe the Shopping campaigns UAE Phone Number off the table within a few days. We are therefore very curious about the further results after ‘learning’ by Google.

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