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Where Steve, the co-founder of loyalty app, bumped into Oisin O’Connor. The pair started talking about their respective apps (Oisin runs the ReCharge subscription app) and realized they had a lot in common. “We were both going through the same thing, trying to get our apps out there, and we really hit it off. By the end of the night, we exchanged advice back and forth on everything from marketing advice to product advice to support.” They exchanged emails and kept in touch. At first, the boys met and continued to share advice, but eventually their relationship and mutual respect turned into asking each other for advice and using each other to exchange ideas. Although ReCharge and are complementary apps, Steve says that integrating the two wasn’t really a priority at first.

“We always knew it was something that would be useful, but it was never the purpose of our conversations,” says Steve. Eventually, an agency partner asked the two companies to consider a collaboration; It turns out that several Indian Business Fax List merchants who use ReCharge also use The duo agreed and started building in November, opened its beta in December, and fully launched in January 2017. Unite 2016 Collaborating Partners: RunGum 1 A screenshot of what the and ReCharge integration with the commercial website, RunGum, looks like. The integration rewards any subscription order with loyalty points and gives customers the ability to use those points through a discount on their next subscription order. A month after launch, the integration had 15 Shopify merchants on board, most of them Shopify Plus merchants.

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Unite 2016 Collaborating Partners.  RunGum 2 The integration with ReCharge had 15.  Shopify merchants on board in the first month. Most of them Shopify Plus merchants. While Steve and Oisin are delighted that the integration.  Has been a hit with merchants, showing strong month-over-month growth metrics. The duo is very appreciative of their collaborative working friendship. “This relationship has been invaluable to our respective businesses,” says Steve. “Besides the integration, it’s great to be able to share ideas with someone, or talk about the competition, and how to get in front of merchants, or even just blow off steam. It’s that kind of thing. It has been very useful.


This relationship has been very valuable for our respective businesses. Aside from the integration, it’s great to be able to share ideas with someone, or talk about the competition, and how to stand up to merchants, or even just blow off steam. Steve Deckert, co-founder of Both have introduced themselves to partners and resellers, and have even exchanged secrets about how they go about internal processes. Steve also says that navigating the Shopify ecosystem has become easier with a companion app; They’ve even had staff members meet up at different Shopify events around the world. Steve’s advice to others looking for such a relationship? “I would say, come closer. Just do it, whether you’re at a conference, on Twitter, or in Slack. Just reach out to people.

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Because I think people are much more receptive than you think.” Go out and grow! Whether it’s haphazardly over a beer, or rudimentary intent and plan, collaborating with others in the web design and development community can be a critical building block for your business and future growth. Need a chance to start making connections? Buy your ticket to Round 3 of the Shopify Developer & Partner Conference and make Unite 2018 your time to shine. Shopify United 2018 Tickets for Unite 2018 are sold out! In the coming weeks, we’ll have more information on how you can virtually participate in Shopify’s 3rd Annual Developer & Partner Conference, taking place May 7-9. In the meantime, relive the magic of last year’s conference.

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