Ace Real Estate Video Marketing for the Digital Age

40% of buyers benefit from watching a property tour video.
This is the selling side. You will get more property listings if you use video as part of your marketing efforts.

Now let’s look at the buyer’s point of view.

When you hear “real estate video Belgium Phone Number marketing,” you automatically think, duh, that’s the most obvious approach. What else would a real estate agent choose, right?


Only 15% of real estate professionals use video for their marketing efforts.

We know for a fact that whether you’re new to the industry or new to digital marketing, you’ve probably also explored various avenues you can take.

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Should you rely solely on social media or do you need an SEO friendly website to really get things done?

Do you need video marketing for business or is image-based content enough?

All of these  options have crossed your mind, in addition to many more.

We don’t blame you if you’re confused.

But do not worry.

Because in this blog post we will answer all your doubts and concerns about real estate video marketing, as well as how you can get started!

Does Video Really Help Sell Real Estate?
Putting the Numbers in Perspective – How the Video Takes the Cake
Real Estate Video Marketing Strategy Apps
Video tours
Telling stories – Life in the property
Basic marketing content
Video testimonials
Set a budget and choose your equipment wisely

dentify your goals
PLAN then run the video
When to let the pros take over
Shoot a video or take a photo in the foot – The choice is yours
Let’s start with the question you are now asking yourself:

Does Video Really Help Sell Real Estate?

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