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WordPress Analytics vs Google Analytics: Which Is Best? WordPress UAE Phone Number Analytics refers to plugins that show you some key analytics in your WP dashboard . The comparison is Google Analytics, which is the most advanced, sophisticated and complete web analytics report available.  That said, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each approach. wordpress analytics vs google UAE Phone Number analytics Business Models content 1. WordPress Analytics 2. Google Analytics 3. WordPress Analytics vs Google Analytics – Install – Types of indicators provided 4. Google Analytics – Pros and Cons 5. WordPress Analysis – Pros and Cons 6. Alternatives to WordPress Analytics 7.

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My recommendation related articles First, what is WordPress UAE Phone Number analytics? 1. WordPress Analytics What people call WordPress Analytics is actually the statistics module in Jetpack’s WordPress plugin. Jetpack is a toolkit created by Business Models Automattic  the company behind. The Jetpack plugin gives you analytics that you can see in the WP dashboard. These analytics are very basic and center on page views per day. Google Analytics (source) 2. Google Analytics Google Analytics is UAE Phone Number the most advanced and sophisticated website analysis tool. It reports website traffic and tracks user behavior with incredible detail. It focuses on tracking and measuring the ABCs of website analytics: Get visitors to your website visitor behavior on your site Convert your visitors into goals for your website.

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WordPress Analytics Google Analytics comparison to help you make your choice. Install To get Google Analytics data for your Business Models need to insert some tracking code on every page of your website.  If you want Google Analytics to show you which search terms people use to find your pages, there is one more step: link your Google Search Console account to your Google Analytics account.

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