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Pixel Union Content Writer Alanna Mahr says the beauty of receiving support requests through social media is that they are immediately visible to everyone in the company and to the Pixel Union online community. “We use a Slack integration that lets us know every time we’re mentioned on Twitter, giving the entire team the opportunity to weigh in with corrections, suggestions, and clarifying questions. Our two-part marketing team then drafts a response based on everyone’s responses.” Teamwork makes the dream work! 5. Get involved in groups Identify niche groups online and join them. Even if you’re not very active in them, you can still sign up to stay informed and learn from your peers. But participating in group conversations will only add value to being part of the group.

Do you have a burning question that you think someone in an online group could answer? Post it. Do you have a solution for a problem that one of your colleagues has? Let them know. The more you share and support your peers, the more willing they will be to do the same for you. This feedback loop can help your business grow and can Saudi Arabia B2B List save you time if you have a problem or are experiencing a roadblock. The more you share and support your peers, the more willing they will be to do the same for you. The Shopify Partners Facebook group is an example of a hyper-relevant online community that can provide you with valuable connections and conversations. It’s a group powered by Shopify Partners, created just for Shopify Partners. Not only can you discuss topics related to web design and development.

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But you can also discuss specific topics related to development with Shopify with people in the ecosystem who have a lot of experience. You might also consider joining a group that includes your customers, like Shopify Entrepreneurs or Grow & Sell. You may find yourself participating less in this group, but monitoring.  Merchant conversations could reveal common pain points.  They experience that you can address in future projects. Another good point to keep in mind is that a web designer or developer working.  With Shopify needs to know the platform inside and out. A merchant-focused group would be a great opportunity for you to get involved.  And provide help to a merchant who is having issues with the platform.


Doing this from time to time puts your name in a pool full of potential.  Clients and positions you as someone experienced and able to help. You can also use a group like this as an opportunity to connect one-on-one with.  People you’re interested in working with. Join the Shopify Community Forums Learn how the Shopify Community will help you access more than 500,000 Shopify Partners and merchants, and seize more opportunities to grow your business. Register Contents Establish a social presence to showcase your brand through content. Post content that is informative, portrays your brand personality and your company’s capabilities. 6. Share work samples Use your social platforms as a means to show what you can do!

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If you’ve been working on a project that has some impressive customizations, or you’ve rebranded a client, let the world know online and post examples of the client’s work that showcases your range of skills and abilities. Below you can find an Instagram post Nineteen Eighty Nine made about a new site they designed for #roadtothepodium, a charity event supporting the next generation of Canadian Olympians. Social Media Tips: Ninetenn Eighty Nine Instagram Nineteen Eighty Nine Instagram promo from #roadtothepodium site design. You can also see a Facebook post below that was sent by the New York agency Lemonade NY, showing a redesign of the site they did for an American client, model and food enthusiast, Chrissy Teigen. Social Media Tips: Lemonade NY Facebook Lemonade NY Facebook promotion of a website design for client Chrissy Teigen.

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