8 Time Management Tips for Freelancers

Time management is crucial if you are a freelancer. Nobody really tells you what to do: you are your own boss. And that’s the challenge: you can do what you want from wherever you want. If you work from home, you may have to work with your family; if you work from a coworking space, your co-workers can distract you. And then there is the rabbit hole of social media. But unlike many trading variables, time is something you can control. It turns out that time can be a freelancer’s best friend or worst enemy. Rina Miele, a creative director and freelance designer in New York.  Says that time management for designers is especially tricky.  As the process doesn’t always have a straight path from A to B.

We don’t always know which direction our work is going to go, or how long until we ‘get that epiphany,’ so it’s often hard to know exactly how long something will take,” he says. “As a freelancer, you don’t even have real time limits. Multiply Australia B2B Contact List that by the number of projects you take on at once, and it can all seem very daunting.” “It’s so easy to waste time, and it really is a discipline to manage your time effectively, but it’s a worthwhile discipline,” explains Carrie Dils, WordPress developer and consultant. It’s so easy to waste time, and it really is a discipline to manage your time effectively, but it’s a worthwhile discipline. carrie dills “Planning and maximizing your time at work translates into better profitability.

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As a bonus, it also creates additional space in your personal life.” So how do you stay self-disciplined and focused? How do you make the most of your time as a freelancer? In this article, you’ll discover a variety of different strategies, hear very honest stories, and learn from the experiences of other freelancers. After all, you are not alone. We all struggle with the same problem in the freelance community. The Complete Guide to Managing Web Design Projects Read our complete web design project management guide for developers, designers, and marketers. Learn how to work with stakeholders, manage budgets, and keep your customers happy. Learn more Create sensible to-do lists To-do lists are a great way to stay focused throughout the day and make the most of your time.


However, as web developer nd Shopify expert Kelly Vaughn points out, be reasonable. “Don’t put 10 items on your to-do list when you know you’ll only have three or four. Personally, I find Todoist to be a great tool for managing my to-do lists. You’ll get a reminder in the morning about tasks that are due that day, and you can look ahead in the week to space out your to-dos appropriately.” One way to prioritize your tasks is to use the Eisenhower matrix, also known as the Urgent-Important matrix. It’s essentially a to-do list divided into four quadrants: do first, schedule, delegate, and don’t. “It helps me decide what is important and what should I do now, what can be delegated and what can I ignore for now,”

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Explains self-taught digital product designer Mariusz Ciesla. “It also helps keep your sanity when you have long to-do lists.” Here is a short video on how to understand the Eisenhower matrix: 2. Track your time The main source of frustration for many freelancers is figuring out where their time has gone and what they’ve actually done after a day’s work. Fortunately, there are plenty of time tracking tools to choose from. Mariusz Ciesla trusts Timely (“its automatic tracking is pretty good,” he says), while Shirley Wu, a software engineer who creates data visualizations, uses Toggl. Saskia Videler, content strategist and host of the content strategy and UX podcast Efficiently Effective, has time-tracked all of her processes since starting out as a freelancer. She has tried many apps over the years and currently uses Billings Pro.

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