6 Tips to Protect Your Twitter Account

The media are Oman WhatsApp Number Listwith their twitter accounts , as they are increasingly being hacked. In this regard, yesterday said social network sent a statement to the us media warning that these acts will continue, for which it asked them to reinforce their security. Here we share some tips to do it. Last week, the twitter account of the associated press news agency was hacked, and the perpetrators reported that there were two explosions at the white house and that president barrack Oman WhatsApp Number List was injured. The tweet caused a 150-point drop in the dew jones industrial average, which was set when the news was confirmed to be false. For this reason, the microblogging announced that it is carrying out a series of tests to strengthen.

Here We Share Some Tips to Do It

The security of the accounts through double Oman WhatsApp Number List identification. However, yesterday the company. Sent a statement to the media in the united states. Where it warns them that the attacks. Hackers towards the media will continue. So he asked them to reinforce. The security of their accounts with these tips. Change the password regularly. Keep their email accounts safe and be alert to suspicious activity. According to the buzz feed site. In this regard, these are some methods. That you can use to strengthen the security of your account. According to information from. The ragan oman whatsapp number list.1.- change the password regularly and use one for each platform, which are not the same for twitter and email.

Company Sent a Statement to the Media

Oman WhatsApp Number List

2.- do not share the password by email 3.- limit access to your account, that is Oman WhatsApp Number List, only a few people know the password. 4.- designate a team to use twitter, do not use it to read email or surf the web. 5.- be careful with your mobile devices, since these can be stolen and immediately use your account6.- check the applications. There are several apps that ask for access to your account, if you are not sure of the authenticity of the application, do not allow it Oman WhatsApp Number List. According to twitter hackers will continue their “Attacks”; for this reason, reinforce the security of your account and pay attention to any suspicion.

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