6 Email Marketing Campaign

These days, consumers are inundated with marketing emails. Every company you interact with wants your email address, and every one of them is doing everything they can to make sure their email is one of the lucky few that recipients actually open. With all the competition, it’s getting harder to make an impact. However, email marketing is still an extremely powerful tool for eCommerce marketers. In a 2016 survey, 81% of US retailers said email marketing was an important component of their customer acquisition strategies, and 80% said it was critical to customer retention. But since the average person receives 88 emails per day, you need to do something special if you want your customers’ emails to be opened and engaged.

We’ve put together a collection of six great email marketing campaign ideas that can help you take your marketing Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List level (if you’re working with a client that’s a subscription-based business, learn more about email marketing). subscription-based e-mail here) ). In addition to being effective strategies to increase your client’s ROI.  These campaigns represent great opportunities to increase sales or.  Expand your service offerings to your clients. Going beyond standard newsletter marketing will ultimately.  Help your customers get more value from their eCommerce stores. While also demonstrating your value as a marketer and helping.  You build long-term customer relationships. You may also be interested in: Create a Winning.  Email Marketing Strategy to Acquire and Retain Customers.

Ideas to Stand Out in a Crowded

How to use your new purchase” emails email marketing campaign.  new purchase huge missed opportunity.  For many online retailers is the gap between customers placing an order.  And actually receiving what they bought. The perfect time to generate product buzz.  Is when someone is waiting for a pre-purchase to arrive. A timely email here can make the customer feel good about their purchase decision.  And increase the chances that they will have a positive experience.  With the product when it arrives. “The perfect time to generate product buzz is when someone is waiting.  For a pre-purchase to arrive.” At a marketing conference, I attended last year.  One of the speakers talked about buying a high-end espresso machine.  And received an email from the company suggesting.  He clear some space on the kitchen counter.


In advance. He cleared the space and got more excited about his new espresso machine every time he walked through the kitchen. This exact approach won’t work for every company – the type of email you send here depends on the type of product and the type of company you’re representing. The key is to get the customer to take some type of action or consume some specialized content that is designed to reinforce the good feelings they have with their purchase. Subject: Congratulations on your purchase of a straight razor! Hello Bob, First, I would like to thank you for purchasing a straight razor from FancyShavingTime.com. You are becoming an elite member of a community dedicated to the finer things in life. We can’t wait for you to shave with your razor for the first time, and we hope you’re as excited as we are!

How to Use Your New Purchase

Now, as many of our customers are buying their first razor, we have put together a guide to the proper use and care of your razor. You can watch the video on our website , but here are some of the highlights: Don’t keep your razor in the bathroom. Moisture is bad for it and will reduce the effective lifespan of it. Traditionally, sock drawers have been a common home for razors. Take care to store the razor dry only. It is good practice to dry the blade and then apply a small amount of oil to keep it in good condition. Be very careful not to poke or poke the knife into the rim of your sink or fixtures, or you will dull or chip the rim. The less you need to sharpen your knife, the longer it will last.

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