5 Tips for Hosting an Epic Shopify Party

Shopify Meetups are free, independent events hosted by Shopify Experts in cities around the world. These meetups are educational, inspiring, and an amazing opportunity to connect with local Shopify Partners, merchants, and aspiring entrepreneurs. This year alone, there have been over 85 official Shopify meetups. From New Zealand to South Africa to Singapore, Shopify Partners and merchants have gotten together every few months to talk all things commerce. Today, we cover why you should host a Shopify Meetup and give you tips from four Shopify Experts on how to host a meetup that not only establishes you as a leader in your local community, but also leaves attendees saying “wow.”

Meet the hosts shopify meetup hosts Shopify Meetup hosted by Sovi Creative at the Shopify Toronto office. We reached out to four Shopify Meetup hosts around the world to learn more about why they started hosting meetups in their Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List region. Plus, these IRL experts will offer key takeaways on how to run a successful meeting. Anita Schutte, Operations Manager, uAfrica in Cape Town, South Africa “uAfrica used to be a strategic partner of Shopify for the African territory, and although that changed at the end of 2016, our relationship with Shopify is still very positive. We want to help new Shopify store owners get started. We have been organizing Meetups since 2014.”

Meet the Hosts

Keith Matthews, Founder, Milk Bottle Labs in Dublin, Ireland “I have spent many miles driving around Ireland selling Shopify; we saw the need to spread the word. The market in Ireland is in its infancy, so we felt we were well positioned to build the community with confidence.” Natasha Murphy, Founder, Nicely Built in Atlanta, USA “We decided to start our meeting because most of the websites we build are Shopify. We were interested in not only connecting with new potential clients, but also talking to other partners in the area.” Steve Deckert, Co-Founder, Smile.io in Waterloo, Canada “We were tired of driving to another city to talk about e-commerce and wanted to connect with local entrepreneurs and retailers.” You may also be interested in: How to host a Shopify meeting.


Key learnings Each host shared three key learnings they’ve experienced running Shopify Meetups. From that advice, we’ve got five tips to keep in mind when planning your next Shopify Meetup or offline event. Tip 1. Take enough time to organize and market the event. “Plan Ahead! The success of a meeting largely depends on how much planning you put in ahead of time. We start working on each of our bi-monthly meetings months in advance. Over time, we’ve developed a checklist to streamline the planning process. Even with a solid game plan, each meeting still takes us eight to 12 hours. On average, to plan. Natasha, very well built “We prioritize a more active marketing approach. Where we send emails to registrants nine days before and.  Two days before the meeting, as a reminder about the event; this also helps increase attendance.”

Take Enough Time to

Anita, uAfrica.com Stay consistent in your promotion and the attendees will slowly increase. Keith, Milk Bottle Labs. To get , simply pick a date three months from now and promote.  It on all social media from day one. Stay consistent in your promotion and attendees will slowly grow.” – Keith, Milk Bottle Labs shopify meeting: us Signage for Shopify Meetup in Atlanta hosted by Nicely Built. Tip 2. Check all the options when it comes to your venue. “Try to pick a free spot to start. Venue costs add up, and with a bit of searching and research, a free venue can offer everything a paid venue will offer.” – Keith, Milk Bottle Labs “We recently changed locations for one of our meetings, which resulted in an increase in attendees as the room layout could accommodate more people.

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