5 Applications for Mom’s Mobile Their Daily Work

We are a few days away from celebrating mother’s day (may 10); that’s why it’s time to Kuwait WhatsApp Number List, give her lots of gifts and hugs. In that idea, there are many mobile applications that will help them to carry out their daily work. Thus, we share with you these five recommendations so that you can include them on your smartphone. For 7 out of 10 mothers who use the internet, this platform is essential in their lives, according to a study conducted by iab mexico and millard brown . Likewise, the research highlights that 83 percent connect through mobile devices. In that idea, moms are increasingly using applications. Here we share five that will help you in your daily activities. Pregnant this application is for iphone. It has two versions, one is free and the other costs 49 pesos. It was developed by the company wink pass creation.

Percent Connect Through Mobile Devices

Its function is to help you when you are pregnant. It allows you to keep a record of Kuwait WhatsApp Number List symptoms and changes in mood and weight. Likewise, you can include photos, plan your appointments with the doctor, offer weekly information about your baby’s growth and have a forum where you can share your experiences with other future mothers. Baby connect if you are a new mom, this app will be very useful for you. Baby connect is available for ios and android. It allows you to record your baby’s growth, his vaccinations, medications, his diet, diaper changes, your child’s mood, among other things. You will be able to see all the activities they carry out through graphs and files. In addition, you can authorize its use to other users, in order to share important information about the baby.

Now It Is Possible to Travel Quickly

Kuwait WhatsApp Number List

Mom’s daily planner the Kuwait WhatsApp Number List modern mom works and still has time to take care of her family. This application is like a smart agenda, where you can record your shopping lists, your children’s activities, organize household chores, among other functions. For decades we have thought that traveling by plane is a luxury, a benefit that can only be accessed by a select group of people with a very good economic situation. The multinational lan (now merged with the airline tam ) breaks with that scheme, inviting us to fly cheaply throughout the country, aboard one of the best airlines in chile and south america.

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