4 Affiliate Marketing Strategies

If the risk is minimal and the potential for an impact is high (based on research insights. It might be worth not trying it at all and just taking the gamble right away. Last words There is no one-size-fits-all solution here.  And there are nuances that depend on the unique circumstances.  Of you and your clients (and your agreement). But the key to remember here is this… If you’ve ever followed the best in any field and wondered what sets them apart from the rest, you’ll notice that they put much more emphasis on processes and systems, continually improving and improving, rather than focusing on one-off results and brilliant tactics. A/B testing is no different. Will you do A/B testing for any of your clients? Let us know in the comments below! Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday (BFCM) is one of the busiest eCommerce shopping seasons of the year.

During this period, Shopify stores experience exceptionally high traffic, which means you could be bombarded with requests from merchants. In an effort to help you be successful as a Shopify Partner during this peak sales season, we’re Portugal B2B List going to review five new product updates from Shopify and share how these updates can help your customers prepare for BFCM. To ensure that you never miss any future updates, this article will be the first in a series of regular product roundups. The goal is to make it easier to understand what’s new with Shopify and to provide more transparency about how we’re improving the platform for you and your customers. Share these updates with your team, as well as with your current or potential clients.

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Today, our product updates range from new sections in the theme editor to new available sales channels and more. 1. Increase your clients’ sales with BFCM Toolbox news: bfcm toolbox This October, we launched the BFCM Toolkit. It’s a hub for all the tools and education your clients need to prepare for BFCM this year. Merchants will find guidance material on how to improve shipping flows, get finances in order, and market/promote their stores. Bonus: Includes instructions on how to set up Kit to run Facebook Ads effortlessly and provides real examples of BFCM email campaigns for inspiration. If your client is feeling overwhelmed by the late November rush, this is a great resource to make this their biggest BFCM yet.


Visit the Toolbox and see for yourself! You may also be interested in: Announcement of the winners of the Shopify Commerce Awards 2017. 2. Hide a section Since the launch of Shopify Sections, we’ve created new ways to help you be more proactive when building stores. We recently released the ability to show or hide sections in the Shopify Theme Editor. news: new sections Merchants now have the ability to show or hide sections in the Shopify Theme Editor. By clicking the eye icon, you can control the visibility of a section. Instead of removing unwanted sections, you can now hide them and they’ll still be fully customizable. This feature will help you plan for future updates to a merchant’s store, such as when a customer is launching a new product and wants to prepare a slideshow in advance.

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Or, when a customer launches seasonal discounts and only wants to show them at certain times of the day. Learn more about hidden sections by reading our updated documentation. 3. Sell on Instagram what’s new: instagram The future of commerce lies across many different channels, so ahead of the 2017 holiday season, we’re rolling out “Shopify on Instagram” to thousands of select merchants. Selectees can create shoppable Instagram posts by tagging them with any of their Shopify products, directly from the Instagram app. Thanks to the powerful integration between the Shopify online store and the Facebook product catalog, the same catalog can be connected to Instagram without any extra effort. When users see a post with a tag, they can tap on it to get more product details and purchase it without leaving the app.

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