3 key points to bring you a correct understanding of “writing requirements” Turkey Mobile Number

Writing requirements, the most  common ability of product managers, is because this ability is too low-level, so it is ignored by most people. Therefore, many people have done more horizontal expansion to learn data, operations, promotion, channels, growth and so on. This is not to say that you should not learn, but without the ability to stabilize the bottom layer of the product, this building cannot be built high. (Definitely not teaching you to write documentation)

It is better to use thousands of tricks to defeat the enemy.

Below I will explain the writing requirements in the following aspects:

  1. What does it mean to write requirements?
  2. How to assess the ability to do things?
  3. Choice and timing

01 What does it mean to write requirements?

Let’s start with the conclusion: writing requirements is to do one thing, to do a valuable thing.

The first thing a product Turkey Mobile Number manager does is to learn to write requirements. Let me state that I will not take the time to introduce such things as  how to write documents and formats, because anyone can learn this. Secondly, what I want to say is that writing requirements is not writing documents. Don’t talk about PRD at every turn, which is very strange.

This is too common and too accustomed to it. Even product managers who have worked for many years will think that writing requirements is to draw prototypes and write comments. I don’t know what to say. Such a product manager is the most advanced product manager. Is it to rely on this mixed age?

(4) Transaction costs

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It is the cost of doing this. For example, for a product, there is a solution that takes 2 months to develop and can solve 99% of the problems. Another solution is to solve 80% of the problems in 1 week. How do you choose?

Everything has a transaction cost. The transaction cost of going downstairs to buy a bottle of water with cash is completely different from the transaction cost of scanning and paying with your mobile phone. This is mobile payment.

Is the value of this thing much greater than the cost? What if there is no value in the short term but strategic value in the long term? Therefore, to improve the cost judgment ability of doing one thing, this is what a high-end product needs to do.

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