20 Inspiring Design Channels You Should Follow on Youtube

YouTube is full of awesome designers. Who are doing amazing work not just with their art. But as creative entrepreneurs making it big. When you’re looking for inspiration, trying to brush up your design skills. Or you want advice on Paraguay WhatsApp Number List building your business from someone. Who’s been there, done that and came back to talk about it. YouTube’s got what you need. If you’re looking for some great YouTube design channels to follow, check out these 20 designers and entrepreneurs (in no particular order). They’re some of our favorites and we think you’ll love them too. 1. Charli Marie — Charli Marie is a London-based graphic designer and YouTuber.

Charli Marie Gives Glimpses Into Her Personal

Who covers a variety of topics in her videos that are incredibly valuable to freelance designers: from creating mockups to making sure you get paid on time to frank discussions on burnout. To balance out the design and career advice-focused videos she creates, Charli Marie gives glimpses into her personal and professional life, like her series of videos on how and why she learned to code. On her channel, expect a first-person look into the freelance graphic designer life delivered in an easy, conversational narration style. What to expect Design tutorials, DIY projects, business advice, vlogs. Charli Marie does a lot of “talking shop” aimed at freelance creatives.

Insight via Text in the Corner

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Paraguay WhatsApp Number List

Watch CharliMarieTV on YouTube 2. Yes I’m a Designer — Yes I’m a Designer is a design tutorial channel created by Martin Perhiniak, a graphic designer based in the United Kingdom. Instead of narrating his videos, he provides instructions and insight via text in the corner of the screen on each video. Then Each tutorial covers a specific technique that he explains through these text blurbs as he demonstrates the technique. But Elsewhere on the channel, Yes I’m a Designer covers Photoshop updates, working with Illustrator, working with InDesign, product reviews and basic lessons in learning Photoshop. Specific videos you’ll find on.

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