12 Christmas Gifts for Designers

Designers and developers; It’s not the easiest people to shop for when it comes to choosing gifts. For one thing, the savvy designer in your life will have incredibly specific aesthetic tastes, while your friendly neighborhood developer’s interests are likely to be niche, to say the least. Like someone looking at the barrel of the first festivities with their own child, my internal dialogue fluctuates daily between “Buy everything! He only gets a first Christmas!” and “Spend absolutely nothing, all he wants is wrapping paper. ”. Unwilling to use the full Scrooge and unable to use the full Toys R Us, the advice I’ve been given is to follow this tried-and-true gift-giving rule, a fail-safe method for striking the perfect balance between indulgence and modesty.

Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.” “Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.” Using the same principle, I have made some online Ecuador WhatsApp Number List showcases for your nearest and dearest designers and developers. And to hell with moderation, it’s the holiday season, so for the purposes of this article, I’ve spread the magic formula! “Something to write, something to do, something to travel, something to chew. Something to drink, something to sleep in, something to play in, something to store.” Without further ado, here are 12 Christmas gifts for the designers and developers in your life. You may also be interested in: Christmas Reading List: The 10 Best Stories of 2016.

Something They Want

Something They Want: Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator gifts for designers: pocket operator The gift: a little nerdy, a little cool. Looking like the bastard spawn of a scientific calculator and an old-fashioned Gameboy. Designer or developer loved one may not yet know that he wants one of these pocket microsynths.  But he definitely does. For my money, this is the best Christmas day toy; Enough technical challenge to keep our nerdy brothers interested, and perfect for playing all morning and then giving a virtuoso rendition of The New York Fairy Tale over dinner. Price: $49-$89 each Where to buy it: Teen Engineering Speaking of nerdy brothers, check out our list of fun lorem ipsum generators.


Something you need: Native Union charging cable and keychain gifts for designers: charging keychain The Gift: The perfect blend of genuinely useful and discreetly stylish, these handy keychain chargers are built to last, with lifetime warranties. Made from tough braided nylon, they claim to be six times stronger than standard Lightning charging cables. Attached to your keys, this modern essential should always be close at hand, which means you’re also giving the gift of being the person who saves your friends from the misery of a dead phone. Let’s face it, nothing says “I have my life in order” like the nonchalant production of a phone charging cable. The price: $20.99 Where to buy: Native Union.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

Something to wear: Pakt One travel bag gifts for designers.  Travel bag The Gift: I may stretch the definition of “clothes” a bit.  But there aren’t that many festive sweaters and witty slogan tees that a wardrobe can accept. I know on excellent authority my high-society co-worker. Always on the lookout for the best overnight bag.  That this is as close to perfection as he’ll get. Aimed at the enthusiastic yet minimalist traveler. The design underwent over five years of rigorous testing and.  Fine-tuning to create the ultimate hybrid carry-on. The perfect travel companion for all those design and development conferences and talks. If you’d like to give this bag away. Which is currently fully funded on Indiegogo. They’ve created a benefit specifically for this purpose. The price: $225 Where to buy it.

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